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Fulfilment of one's wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.
  1. 'managing directors seeking greater job satisfaction'
  2. 'The only reward is the satisfaction of an intellectual accomplishment.'
  3. 'We were constantly rewarded with stunning scenic views and the satisfaction of navigating challenging terrain with ease, but we didn't get very far, as the crow flies.'
  4. 'Owen refuses to gamble; as the dealer, he's always on the winning side, and he takes a sick satisfaction in watching the customers lose their money.'
  5. 'In elementary and middle school I loved the satisfaction and praise I could win by succeeding at the things my school deemed important.'
  6. 'And the plot amply delivers the expected satisfactions of an intricate puzzle adroitly solved.'
  7. 'Having your own navigator installed in the dash could also be the saviour of relationships, which in the past have been imperilled by one partner's inability to read a map to the satisfaction of the other.'
  8. 'Still, the breeds are being kept alive by dedicated hobbyists who value the birds for their beauty and the satisfaction of raising them.'
  9. 'I felt a satisfaction in caring for Marian and Aidan like I had never experienced.'
  10. 'I enjoy the satisfaction of bringing justice to those who have been wronged.'
  11. 'Naturally there are commodities that are imported, but several of the restaurant owners get satisfaction out of using local produce.'
The payment of a debt or fulfilment of an obligation or claim.
  1. 'The respondent shall thus pay the applicant the aforementioned sum in full satisfaction of her claim for unjust enrichment within sixty days of this judgment.'
  2. 'There is nothing in writing from either party that the cheque was to be accepted as payment in full satisfaction of the plaintiffs' accounts.'
  3. 'The judgment debt is no longer recoverable by the various processes normally available for satisfaction of judgment debts.'
  4. 'If you can't get satisfaction from your carrier, it's probably better to switch than fight.'
  5. 'The victim or those related to the victim should get satisfaction.'
  6. 'If you don't get satisfaction from state agencies, hire an independent insurance adjuster.'
  7. 'I demand the satisfaction of a gentleman'
Christ's atonement for sin.

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    1. an act of satisfying; fulfillment; gratification.

    2. the state of being satisfied; contentment.

    3. the cause or means of being satisfied.

    4. confident acceptance of something as satisfactory, dependable, true, etc.

    5. reparation or compensation, as for a wrong or injury.

    6. the opportunity to redress or right a wrong, as by a duel.

    7. payment or discharge, as of a debt or obligation.

    8. Ecclesiastical. an act of doing penance or making reparation for venial sin. the penance or re

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    "qualities can be satisfaction."


    Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin satisfactio(n-), from satisfacere ‘satisfy, content’ (see satisfy). The earliest recorded use referred to the last part of religious penance after ‘contrition’ and ‘confession’: this involved fulfilment of the observance required by the confessor, in contrast with the current meaning ‘fulfilment of one's own expectations’.


    to one's satisfaction