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Containing or using satire.
  1. 'While satirical and amusing, the film appears to suffer a lack of energy, which would give it a much, needed edge.'
  2. 'It's true that this movie is bitingly satirical, and that stands as one of its better qualities.'
  3. 'I'm thinking of becoming a book reviewer or a satirical writer, or maybe a sociological analyst or an entertainment specialist.'
  4. 'Two of these cartoons, from the pages of the satirical London magazine Punch, are reproduced here.'
  5. 'The most powerful performance poets blend personal experience with political rhetoric, creating polemics that often have a bitingly satirical edge.'
  6. 'But maybe the worlds of contemporary classical music and savagely satirical musicals aren't as far apart as they seem.'
  7. 'A sense of seething danger underlies this satirical Absurdist piece.'
  8. 'His first job was for a satirical magazine in Tokyo.'
  9. 'The novel is 130 pages of dialogue, savagely satirical and lively, with lines that would not disgrace a top-flight sitcom.'
  10. 'Moore's satirical documentaries have progressively taken on stories with larger scope and greater importance to the world.'
  11. 'his satirical sense of humour'
  12. 'They soon acquired a satirical and disrespectful tone which made the authorities uneasy.'
  13. 'While often sarcastic and satirical, Hendrie sounded very serious about this offer.'


1. of, pertaining to, containing, or characterized by satire: satirical novels.

2. indulging in or given to satire: a satirical poet.

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"people can be satirical as erms."

"people can be satirical about names."

"canards can be satirical."

"novels can be satirical."

"shows can be satirical."

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Early 16th century: from late Latin satiricus (from satira ‘poetic medley’: see satire)+ -al.