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Marked by or given to using irony in order to mock or convey contempt.
  1. 'I think they're being sarcastic'
  2. 'How are you supposed to follow the story when you're constantly making sarcastic comments about the hammy acting?'
  3. 'It was going to be weird without her sarcastic comments and worries about her looks.'
  4. 'Sarah couldn't help but make the snide and sarcastic remark to him to show her hatred.'
  5. 'The campaign works hard to adopt a glib and sarcastic voice familiar to many young people.'
  6. 'His sarcastic comment brought her out of her reverie like a bucket of cold water.'
  7. 'He'd never called me David before, and there was no mistaking the sarcastic sneer in his voice.'
  8. 'I tried to think of a nasty sarcastic comment to make him leave me alone, but none came to mind.'
  9. 'So, you see, by allowing my sarcastic venting, you're saving my relationship.'
  10. 'An ironic and sarcastic grin flashed upon her oval face as she announced the name of the horse.'
  11. 'It infuses his writing, tempering his cleverness with a good measure of sarcastic honesty.'


1. of, relating to, or characterized by sarcasm: a sarcastic reply.

2. using or given to the use of sarcasm: to be sarcastic about ambition.

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"voices can be sarcastic with patiences."

"people can be sarcastic."

"voices can be sarcastic."

"comments can be sarcastic."

"tones can be sarcastic."

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Late 17th century: from French sarcastique, from sarcasme (see sarcasm), on the pattern of pairs such as enthousiasme, enthousiastique.