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The fluid which circulates in the vascular system of a plant, consisting chiefly of water with dissolved sugars and mineral salts.
  1. 'The forest quickly engulfed them but the normal freshness of flowers, sap, and growing plants were void in such a place.'
  2. 'Soybean aphids injure soybeans by removing plant sap with their needle-like mouthparts.'
  3. 'Place them in a plastic bag - a dry leaf will not be useful when we are identifying the virus with serological testing and we need the plant sap from the leaves.'
  4. 'Vervet monkeys are omnivorous and consume a wide range of plant materials like fruits, seeds, sap, and flowers.'
  5. 'Hummingbirds favored the maguey cactus, and people who extracted the plant's sap were also known as hummingbirds.'
  6. 'He prepared his own paints by combining vegetable and mineral colorings with tree sap in a grinding bowl.'
  7. 'All weaken a plant by sucking sap, causing chlorotic spots on the tops of the leaves.'
  8. 'Create a living smorgasbord that includes plants with berries, foliage, fruit, nectar, nuts, pollen, sap, and seeds, so critters can dine on what they like.'
  9. 'The sucrose is transferred in the plant sap from the leaf to the grape berry.'
  10. 'Cutting flowers or pruning back in the fall keeps the plant's sap running.'
  11. 'They were fresh and flourishing, full of sap and vigor, though many of them had been born long before him.'


Gradually weaken or destroy (a person's strength or power)
  1. 'The moment of straining to control the extra power had taken some of my reserves, sapping my magical strength.'
  2. 'To abandon this tradition would sap Australia's sense of itself.'
  3. 'Mildew destroys new shoots on apples and gradually saps the tree's vigor.'
  4. 'Over the past months, as I had tried unsuccessfully to fight colds and infections, a tumor had been growing inside my chest, sapping my strength and will power.'
  5. 'But I suspect that the close-sounding amplification was slightly sapping the singers' powers of expression.'
  6. 'It was before the blood disorder amyloidosis began sapping his strength, and he had just delivered a rollicking speech, without notes as usual, to a hugely appreciative audience.'
  7. 'There are thousands of Internet radio stations that sap the power of a small number of program directors.'
  8. 'Your official passion for evidence is gradually sapping your brilliant intellect and smothering your instincts.'
  9. 'Long debates and community objections more often than not sap initial energy.'
  10. 'For example, you may in a rush grab processed or sugary snacks and drink lots of coffee, which can lower your immunity and sap your energy.'
  11. 'her illness had sapped her of energy and life'
  12. 'What she had seen last week had sapped her of all energy.'
  13. 'Happiness saps me of the will to write, because there are plenty of other things that I could be doing, like frolicking merrily through forests, mountain biking, or charming people with my wit and erudition.'
  14. 'Pretending to be a happy guy around Stephanie was just sapping me of my energy reserves, as did listening to her, since these days she expected an actual answer instead of a nod.'
  15. 'She even fed him and kept him healthy for six weeks, but producing milk sapped her of the last of her energy and she had to be put down.'
  16. 'I wondered why she didn't get up then I realized that shock had sapped her of her strength.'
  17. 'He just didn't realize that, in addition to making him wheeze and sneeze, pollens could sap him of his energy.'
  18. 'This work, however, saps them of the strength required to fulfill their dreams.'
  19. 'Minute by minute he was sapped of precious strength.'
  20. 'The last vision had been so vivid that it had sapped her of nearly all of her strength.'
  21. 'Until now Zak, who can't eat and is fed through tubes in his stomach, only had to go on oxygen at night after his oxygen levels dropped sapping him of energy.'


A foolish and gullible person.
  1. 'I had thought about buying a place up here myself, but then I'd be obligated to entertain social climbing saps and I do enough of that when Parliament is in session.'
  2. 'They most certainly wanted all the saps watching to believe in the sign's authenticity and go hunting for this mysterious website.'
  3. 'The message I get from this ad is total jerks and saps favor Carl's Jr's.'
  4. 'Why not live in the moment - and make other saps pay your way?'
  5. 'It is naturally assumed not only that we poor saps queuing in line need constant diversion, but that we need infantile diversion of the worst kind.'
  6. 'By cutting taxes, we can make the saps work harder and raise even more money for the welfare/warfare state.'
  7. 'Thank goodness the cameras are there to capture Lady Luck smiling on these heartbroken saps, who really just want to find real love.'
  8. 'The poor saps (myself included) who have tried to use this Web site have already lost more time and leasing agreements than any benefit we might have earned through its availability off-campus.'
  9. 'If Brit-pop's in fact dead, there's a nation of lonely-hearted saps ready to pick up the pieces of shattered hearts from the rainy country and lead a world of crybabies to salvation.'
  10. 'This writer's contempt for the sensitive sap alone on a stool with his nylon-stringed guitar is matched only by his admiration for the one-man band-similar, but so much cooler.'

More definitions

1. the juice or vital circulating fluid of a plant, especially of a woody plant.

2. any vital body fluid.

3. energy; vitality.

4. sapwood.

5. Slang. a fool; dupe.

6. Metallurgy. soft metal at the core of a bar of blister steel. verb (used with object), sapped, sapping.

7. to drain the sap from.

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"confidences can be sapped."

"demands can be sapped."

"strengths can be sapped."

"gains can be sapped."

"enthusiasms can be sapped."

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(sap)Early 19th century: abbreviation of dialect sapskull ‘person with a head like sapwood’, from sap (in the sense ‘sapwood’) + skull.