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A young tree, especially one with a slender trunk.
  1. 'According to the organisers the various oak, ash, hazel and other indigenous tree saplings will take about 10 years to begin looking like a wood and a lot longer to mature.'
  2. 'Caging tree saplings and young shrubs is a good option where you have just a few to protect.'
  3. 'Cape ivy harms willows by overgrowing saplings and blocking out light the trees need to survive.'
  4. 'Cover crops such as redtop grass keep competing natural vegetation in check and allow oak saplings to flourish.'
  5. 'The culprits skidded round the green in a Peugeot car before crashing into a tree sapling and running off.'
  6. 'To stabilize new saplings and tree roses from bending in the wind, you often need to tie them to a stake.'
  7. 'Walk through one and you will see little in the half-light apart from the trunks of trees and tangled saplings.'
  8. 'The forestry people have very generously agreed to supply every home in Clonmore parish with oak saplings and holly trees for Christmas.'
  9. 'Early one misty morning, with clouds hanging across the valley, we load cedar saplings onto the tractor.'
  10. 'With such a short growing season, 200-year-old trees look like saplings.'
  11. 'He is a lawyer who has served ShrubCo since he was a sapling in Texas.'
A greyhound in its first year.
  1. 'When I explained what I had in mind, Larry, amazingly, said that he would be tickled to death to give us a sapling, and it would be the best sapling in his breeding program.'

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1. a young tree.

2. a young person.

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"makers can be saplings."


(sapling)Middle English: from the noun sap + -ling.