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Wise, or attempting to appear wise.
  1. 'This may sound extremely unfair to our esteemed police force, to the hardworking prosecutors at the Attorney General's Office and the sapient judges who preside over our courts.'
  2. 'The attentive and sapient reader will no doubt see what's coming here.'
  3. 'At the very far end of the rostrum one could just discern a tribunal of sapient figures seated around a table.'
  4. 'In the wake of their travels, they have left half of the galaxy devoid of sapient life, primarily through the use of their Marauder starships.'
Relating to the human species ("Homo sapiens" )
  1. 'Perhaps in a brief quiet contemplation that this same view was experienced by our modern sapient ancestors over 164,000 years ago.'


A human of the species "Homo sapiens".


    1. having or showing great wisdom or sound judgment.

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    "pearwoods can be sapient."

    "results can be sapient."

    "nets can be sapient."

    "files can be sapient."

    "pigs can be sapient."

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    Late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin sapient- ‘being wise’, from the verb sapere.