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Sedimentary rock consisting of sand or quartz grains cemented together, typically red, yellow, or brown in colour.
  1. 'The miles of sand, and yellowed sandstone passed by him like a sea of golden-yellow waves.'
  2. 'Today he was sporting a relaxed suit of sandstone brown, with blinding white shirt underneath his jacket.'
  3. 'Hydrogen sulfide often is present in wells drilled in shale or sandstone, or near coal or peat deposits or oil fields.'
  4. 'The plaque is made from fine grained sandstone, probably derived from a skerry bed in local Mercia mudstone deposits.'
  5. 'These are relatively soft rocks with a distinctive brick red colour and are composed mainly of sandstone and mudstone.'
  6. 'Just ahead, he must pass between a yellow peak of sandstone, and a reddish one, perhaps containing iron ore like the stones used in the Krelling forge.'
  7. 'Majestic figures appear as if by magic from blocks of apple wood, hawthorn, sandstone, limestone, bronze and marble.'
  8. 'The lithology of the bedrock can vary from basalt to sandstone and various carbonate rocks, but most caves form through the dissolution of limestone.'
  9. 'Higher, steeper slopes of the Vosges have thin topsoil, with subsoils of weathered gneiss, granite, sandstone, schist, and volcanic sediments.'
  10. 'I have used granite, sandstone and quartz type rocks and am continually placing rocks in various parts of the gardens to harness energies.'

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1. a common sedimentary rock consisting of sand, usually quartz, cemented together by various substances, as silica, calcium carbonate, iron oxide, or clay.

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"intervals can be sandstone."