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A piece of unoccupied land used by children for games.
  1. 'He didn't play baseball beyond the Bronx sandlots, though he allows that as a senior at Long Island University, wearing his sandlot uniform because LIU had no money for uniforms, ‘I did pitch batting practice.’'
  2. 'So he learned more about sports on sandlots than in the gym.'
  3. 'Kids aren't just spending their time tossing a baseball on the local sandlots or skateboarding across the pavement near your business.'
  4. 'Others wanted more attention paid to the minor leagues, school ball, Little League, and the sandlot.'
  5. 'Staging in the round on a sandlot is problematic; the battle scenes, though weird enough, fall flat.'
  6. 'Before Volunteer Stadium was built in 2001, teams wanting to play extra hardball were taken to sandlots around town to thump local Little Leaguers.'
  7. '‘We spent so much time on the sandlots,’ he said.'
  8. 'He was 17 when the Expos acquired the high school dropout off the Dominican sandlots in March 1993.'
  9. 'The story follows him from his childhood in Alabama, where he first started playing baseball in sandlots, to his play in the Negro Leagues.'
  10. 'No one could have predicted it on the Central Area sandlots of Seattle, but that made it even more fun.'
  11. 'This is a bit like a little league coach claiming he is ‘not enough of a hitter’ to play a game of sandlot ball.'
  12. 'We also learn that the magnanimity hinted at in the sandlot baseball incident-when he is delighted rather than angered by the solecism spoken by Coyle's cousin-was alive and well in him as a young adult.'
  13. 'Opinions around the league do vary, but there are teams that are enamored with his sandlot football, feel-no-pressure demeanor.'
  14. 'Within a year or so, he went from sandlot dreamer to bench warmer to league most valuable player.'
  15. 'Your father's summer vacation may have involved afternoons playing sandlot baseball or dropping a fishing line into a creek.'
  16. '‘When we were kids, everybody played a lot of sandlot ball,’ said the director of the Babe Ruth Museum.'
  17. 'You can forget the sandlot myth that a batter must ‘break his wrists’ (whatever that means) to determine a swing.'
  18. 'He was pitching for Mike's Diner in Class B sandlot baseball when he was signed by a Boston Red Sox scout, receiving a $500 bonus.'
  19. 'The organizers of sandlot ball games are not the only ones with an interest in efficient partitioning.'
  20. 'I was playing sandlot ball in Pasadena when a White Sox scout, spotted me, and, signed me to my first pro contract.'

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1. a vacant lot used by youngsters for games or sports. adjective

2. Also, sand-lot. of, relating to, or played in such a lot: sandlot baseball.

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"teams can be sandlot."

"games can be sandlot."