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A member of a left-wing Nicaraguan political organization, the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), which came to power in 1979 after overthrowing the dictator Anastasio Somoza. Opposed during most of their period of rule by the US-backed Contras, the Sandinistas were voted out of office in 1990.
  1. 'Taiwanese presence is the strongest in Nicaragua, where relations have traditionally been strong, with the exception of the 1979-1990 period when the leftist Sandinistas were in power.'
  2. 'When we supported the Contras against the Sandinista dictatorship, we took the opposite position and, according to the Left, we were wrong again.'
  3. 'In June, the Sandinistas finally succeeded in overthrowing the corrupt, brutal Somoza dictatorship.'
  4. 'The Sandinistas had just been voted out of office but were still a very powerful and unified political force.'
  5. 'The cocaine trade in Central America flourished when the US administration was backing the Contras to fight the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.'
  6. 'In Nicaragua, the Sandinistas had overthrown the US-backed Somosa dictatorship and had gone on to consolidate their power by winning an election.'
  7. 'When Nicaragua's dictatorship was overthrown by the popular Sandinistas, a communist regime was successfully put in place.'
  8. 'At first he balanced his critique of the Sandinistas with criticisms of the U.S.-backed contra rebels.'
  9. 'The left-wing Sandinistas, after overthrowing a U.S.-backed, right-wing dictatorship years ago, actually held elections.'
  10. 'In July 1979, the Nicaraguan Revolution overthrew the dictator Somoza and replaced the dynasty with the Sandinistas.'

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1. a member of the Nicaraguan revolutionary movement that took control of Nicaragua in 1979.

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"delegations can be sandinista."

"candidates can be sandinista."


(Sandinista)Named after a similar organization founded by the nationalist leader Augusto César Sandino (1893–1934).