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A loose granular substance, typically pale yellowish brown, resulting from the erosion of siliceous and other rocks and forming a major constituent of beaches, river beds, the seabed, and deserts.
  1. count noun 'Britain's soils are mixtures of sands, silts, and clays'
  2. 'It was beautiful, with golden sand and green vegetation further along the beach.'
  3. 'This half-day guided tour will bring them right onto the golden sand dunes of Arabia in four-wheel drives.'
  4. 'The work could be viewed both from boats cruising the bay and from a deserted beach lined with sand dunes.'
  5. 'I look out at two miles of white sand beach, lapped by water with a visibility of 200 feet.'
  6. 'Fort Lauderdale Beach Promenade along Atlantic Boulevard provides scenic and easy access to miles of golden sand beaches.'
  7. 'The main attraction of Wollogorang Station is the 80 km of yellow sand beaches and river estuaries'
  8. 'On the beach we placed our towels on the golden sand.'
  9. 'About two kilometers around the lake, the sand beach turned into rocks and there was a huge cliff over top.'
  10. 'A part of him refused to entertain the notion that when he reached its edge, he would be confronted by miles of unrelenting desert sand.'
  11. 'The Umbra came to rest in the center of a small ring of rocks, its landing struts sinking into the fine desert sand.'
  12. 'Exactly one month later, the Duke of Edinburgh officially opened the £1 million terminal and flew the Swift across the Goodwin Sands himself.'
  13. 'The land is on a sand and gravel aquifer, several hundred metres from a reservoir that supplies drinking water to 650,000 homes in Dublin.'
  14. 'Beneath the dense vegetation are layer upon layer of sand, clay, and limestone that were deposited or created by ancient seas.'
  15. 'Several layers of sand, stone, concrete and a special membrane covering lie between the origins of the radon and the actual home in the miniature house.'
  16. 'As wastewater is applied to the top of a bed of sand, gravity draws it down between the sand particles.'
  17. 'In laboratory determinations, analyses are made for five size classes of sand, two of silt, and two of clay.'
  18. 'Soils in this classification include fine sands, loamy sands and fine sandy loams.'
A light yellow-brown colour like that of sand.
  1. 'The floor was golden brown and sand colored tile that was arranged in large squares and the small slivers of grout looked like gold.'
  2. 'He had shaggy sand coloured hair, and today he was wearing another oddly coloured blazer from his collection.'
  3. 'The main bathroom is also at this level and features a stone wall, sand coloured tiles and rustic style walls.'
  4. 'The ground was light sand that matched my tan clothes perfectly and the seats surrounding me were all made out of stone.'
Firmness of purpose.
  1. 'It is annoying when a guy with a novelty helmet thinks he has the sand to run a million dollar organization.'


Smooth or polish with sandpaper or a mechanical sander.
  1. 'Once it's completely dry, it can be sanded, drilled or cut with normal woodworking tools.'
  2. 'Once it begins to wear out it is no longer sanding, but polishing, which will close the grain again.'
  3. 'The gesso ground is sanded smooth so that acrylic glazes bead up and acquire a high-resolution look while emphasizing the picture plane.'
  4. 'If the rust refuses to budge, use a #800 sand paper to sand the metal and repaint.'
  5. 'Once I had it smooth I used some 220 grit Wet and Dry and sanded the edges smooth under running water.'
  6. 'Attach plywood with panel adhesive and brads and sand it flush with front edge.'
  7. 'Corion can be sanded lightly using number 800 sandpaper.'
  8. 'Lacquer, shellac, varnish stay on top of the wood; if worn off in traffic areas, usually the whole floor has to be sanded and refinished.'
  9. 'The bookcase and shelves were sealed with a primer, then sanded smooth with medium-grade sandpaper.'
  10. 'Cover the patch with compound, allow it to dry, and sand it smooth after drying.'
Sprinkle or overlay with sand, to give better purchase on a surface.
  1. 'The heavily sanded Turf Moor surface is a cause for concern ahead of tonight's big kick-off.'

More definitions

1. the more or less fine debris of rocks, consisting of small, loose grains, often of quartz.

2. Usually, sands. a tract or region composed principally of sand.

3. the sand or a grain of sand in an hourglass.

4. sands, moments of time or of one's life: At this stage of his career the sands are running out.

5. a light reddish- or brownish-yellow color.

6. Informal. courage; pluck.

7. sleeper (def 10). verb (used with object)

8. to smooth or polish with sand, sandpaper, or som

More examples(as adjective)

"machines can be sanding."


(sand)Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zand and German Sand.


the sands (of time) are running out