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Covered in or consisting mostly of sand.
  1. 'The Brazos also has many sand bars and sandy beaches that make for great picnic spots or swim areas.'
  2. 'It is mostly flat and sandy, with little fertile soil.'
  3. 'He is using computer modeling and mapping to identify the locations of these sandy or shallow soils.'
  4. 'The country is blessed with hundreds of miles of sprawling sandy beaches, with fine white sand and clear blue water.'
  5. 'Whilst the rugged northern coast absorbs a perennial battering from the sea, the southern shoreline is sheltered and calm, with sandy beaches and natural harbours.'
  6. 'At Arillas, a resort with a sandy beach and watersports, the Christos Apartments offer spacious two-bedroom accommodation sleeping five.'
  7. 'The river flows out in a lagoon setting and joins the lake just outside a long extended finger of sand, right beside a beautiful sandy beach.'
  8. 'The area covers 1,200 hectares of land and consists of flat plains, foothills and a white sandy beach, sloping down towards a crystal blue sea.'
  9. 'Its fine sandy beach runs the length of its 40 km wingspan, and just under a million Germans holiday here every year, so why is it that we Brits haven't even heard of it?'
  10. 'Coming back we crossed a vast expanse of low, sandy hummocks covered with sand verbena.'
(especially of hair) light yellowish brown.
  1. 'Chelsea quickly ran her fingers through her sandy brown hair and applied a fresh coat of mascara.'
  2. 'His short, sandy brown hair was kind of messy and fell to just above his ears.'
  3. 'He seemed a few years older than Pavel, had light brown eyes and sandy golden hair, and his cheeks were flushed from the run in the cold air.'
  4. 'At first, my attentions were placed on Kevin, who was cute with his sandy brown hair and light brown eyes.'
  5. 'He was followed by another boy, with light, sandy hair and green eyes.'
  6. 'Michelle was a slim girl with green eyes and sandy brown hair.'
  7. 'His once dirty blond hair had become a light, sandy brown and his scrawny build had been filled out with muscles.'
  8. 'He was very short and he had a mouse-like appearance; small nose, small eyes, pale skin and an extremely light sandy hair.'
  9. 'He had light green eyes with sandy golden hair not unlike his own.'
  10. 'He looked up at me through a light curtain of sandy hair.'


A light, crumbly biscuit, typically made with chopped pecans.


    1. of the nature of or consisting of sand.

    2. containing or covered with sand.

    3. of a yellowish-red color: sandy hair.

    4. having hair of a sandy color.

    5. shifting or unstable, like sand.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "soils can be sandier."


    (sandy)Old English sandig (see sand, -y).