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Roughen or clean (a surface) with a jet of sand driven by compressed air or steam.
  1. 'But you don't need a cold spell - or sandblasting equipment - to give your windows that frosted look.'
  2. 'The glass doors of the cabinet were sandblasted to add an Art Deco-inspired design that Lou admires.'
  3. 'Interior windows and glass in doors allow maximum daylight but were sandblasted for privacy.'
  4. 'It has lower ramps; the players have rounded feet, which helps players pin the ball; the balls and surface are sandblasted and the nets are higher.'
  5. 'The finished panels were then sandblasted to clean and remove all sand particles.'
  6. 'Concrete walls are sandblasted to dematerialize the surface and distinguish it from Ando's small modules.'
  7. 'Lightly sanded, coated, slurry, or sandbox brick should not be cleaned by sandblasting, unless cleaning cannot be accomplished by any other method, as the brick face can be permanently damaged.'
  8. 'Having cleared and sandblasted the ivy-covered stone, he pointed it with lime mortar but decided ‘for the sake of appearance’ not to use a lime render over the stone.'
  9. 'The wall may have to be sandblasted to get the paint off.'
  10. 'A similar look can be achieved with a light wash of muriatic acid after the concrete has cured or by sandblasting a cured surface.'


A jet of sand used in sandblasting.
  1. 'Lighter panels were cast with Lagrange pink rock and black and red pigment, then given a light sandblast texture.'
  2. 'Sandblast cleaning is also recommended except in the cases where heavy sand finish is involved.'
  3. 'Dry sandblast cleaning is a relatively new method of cleaning newly built masonry, although the system has been used for many years in masonry restoration work.'
  4. 'The first time I ever had a facial, in a London salon that shall remain nameless, I made the mistake of confessing that my beauty ‘routine’ comprised the occasional sandblast of exfoliation in the midst of weeks of arid neglect.'
  5. 'Badge marks applied with acid or sandblast is often so faint as to make them almost invisible.'

More definitions

1. a blast of air or steam laden with sand, used to clean, grind, cut, or decorate hard surfaces, as of glass, stone, or metal.

2. the apparatus used to apply such a blast. verb (used with or without object)

3. to clean, smooth, etc., with a sandblast.

More examples(as adjective)

"glasses can be sandblasted."