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A bag filled with sand, typically used for defensive purposes or as ballast in a boat.
  1. 'One unit brought along stationary bikes that are sitting next to foxholes and sandbags.'
  2. 'At night sentries were doubled, and most men found themselves on carrying parties, going back along communication trenches to bring up barbed wire, sandbags, ammunition, or trench-mortar bombs.'
  3. 'They returned to downtown Grand Forks to fill sandbags in hopes of thwarting rising flood waters.'
  4. 'All vehicles must be reinforced with sandbags to help absorb the effects of IEDs and other attacks.'
  5. 'During the day, Team Cobra dug foxholes, strung wire, and filled sandbags, because site defense is never complete.'
  6. 'I stood on a street corner one day and I watched 10th Mountain Division troops in trucks with sandbags and plywood, which is pretty much state of the art now as far as defeating a mine strike.'
  7. 'Not all vehicles were up-armored before leaving FOB Pacesetter, but the vehicles without armor used sandbags for protection as the brigade moved north.'
  8. 'Adding a sense of combat reality to the classroom are sandbags, camouflage netting, and the sounds of exploding ordnance and close air support.'
  9. 'The weight of a combat-loaded infantry squad with over 50 sandbags will deteriorate a M998 quickly.'
  10. 'Heavyweights held 20-pound sandbags and lightweights held 15-pound bags.'


Barricade using sandbags.
  1. 'We came upon two sandbagged positions, both deserted.'
  2. 'The containers in which the soldiers live and operate could be sandbagged on the exterior to protect the occupants from small arms fire and fragmentation.'
  3. 'These options have been to either send in shirtsleeve forces who must displace and fight from sandbagged 5-ton cargo trucks or send in forces equipped with 68-ton Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles.'
  4. 'At the Information Ministry, also on the river's west bank, civilians armed with rocket-propelled grenade rifles stood by and a half-dozen soldiers manned sandbagged positions.'
  5. 'For each section, terram was laid, sandbags placed to hold it in position, and then the lines of historic palisades and piles were sandbagged.'
  6. 'A tough decision must be made with respect to sandbagging the trucks.'
  7. 'The device was sandbagged, the area cleared and then the tranquillity shattered briefly as a sympathetic charge disposed of the shell.'
  8. 'Trenches are being dug, power stations sandbagged and people have started to carry gas masks around with them.'
  9. 'Marines take cover behind a sandbagged fighting position to lay down a hail of paintball rounds on the opposition.'
  10. 'In the first days of INTERFET a number of sandbagged positions were built on the forward deck of the unarmed ship from which machine gunners watched grimly as the ship travelled close to ‘unknown’ territory when entering Dili Harbour.'
Hit or knock over with or as if with a blow from a sandbag.
  1. 'And, unlike in many thrillers, the movie doesn't sandbag us with one last, cheap twist at the end.'
  2. 'Adverse customer reaction will quite possibly sandbag this one, but remember to ask yourself if you really need that new SIM right now.'
  3. 'he was trying to sandbag me into attempting one of his leg-snapping climbs'
  4. 'Do you feel in any way, Governor, sandbagged by some other Democrats in the party?'
  5. 'This in itself is A-OK, but such countries run the risk of being sandbagged by protectionist tariffs initiated by neighbouring nations.'
  6. 'He had already announced that he was planning to leave the program to work on a book, but he knew he had been sandbagged, and he didn't like it.'
Deliberately underperform in a race or competition to gain an unfair advantage.

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    1. a bag filled with sand, used in fortification, as ballast, etc.

    2. such a bag used as a weapon. verb (used with object), sandbagged, sandbagging.

    3. to furnish with sandbags.

    4. to hit or stun with a sandbag.

    5. Informal. to set upon violently; attack from or as if from ambush. to coerce or intimidate, as by threats: The election committee was sandbagged into nominating the officers for a second term. to thwart or cause to fail or be rejected, especially surreptitiously or wi

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    "workers can be sandbagging round clocks."

    "workers can be sandbagging around clocks."

    "efforts can be sandbagging."

    "operations can be sandbagging."

    "workers can be sandbagging."

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