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An establishment for the medical treatment of people who are convalescing or have a chronic illness.
  1. 'Further work on drugs for tuberculosis marked the beginning of the end of the old approach of treatment sanatoriums, and a large study of the benefits of BCG in adolescents lead to Britain's mass vaccination programme.'
  2. 'The number of tuberculosis cases in the United States has decreased by 66%, but the number of beds available in sanatoria has declined 90% to 95%.'
  3. 'Not only did sanatoriums close, but also therapeutic mainstays like pneumothorax and pneumoperitoneum became obsolete, and surgical procedures such as thoracoplasty and the surgeons who did them disappeared.'
  4. 'We need to make an impact on disability in old age over the coming 50 years comparable to that which led to the closure of sanatoriums for infectious diseases and asylums for mental illnesses over the past 50.'
  5. 'He intended to be a painter, but in 1935 was severely injured in a bicycle accident; he spent months in hospital and a sanatorium, and was an invalid for the rest of his life.'
  6. 'During the second world war he had pulmonary tuberculosis, but after treatment in a sanatorium and extensive surgery he returned to practice until the age of 72.'
  7. 'In general character, Hartberg recalls early Modernist hospitals and sanatoria, with an optimistic feeling of light and air and a promise of brisk efficiency.'
  8. 'Employees at Argentine public health and private hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums and emergency services carried out a 24-hour strike on September 15 to press their demand for better wages and job security.'
  9. 'This includes a mental hospital, sanatorium, convalescent home, nursing home, maternity home, clinic and health centre.'
  10. 'In 1939, membership was broadened to include physicians with an interest in tuberculosis who did not work in sanatoria, and the name was changed to American Trudeau Society.'
  11. 'In 1965 the Sanatorium moved from one old vicarage (College House) to another (Peterborough House).'

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1. a hospital for the treatment of chronic diseases, as tuberculosis or various nervous or mental disorders.

2. sanitarium.

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Mid 19th century: modern Latin, based on Latin sanare ‘heal’.