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A small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like.
  1. 'It is available today in sample quantities at speeds of 333MHz, 400MHz and 500MHz.'
  2. 'The new Toshiba chip will be available in sample quantities in April and commercially around September.'
  3. 'Easy to say, of course, since the part won't be available until Q4, and then only in sample quantities.'
  4. 'They certainly were cooperative in terms of providing hair and handwriting samples and that sort of thing.'
  5. 'TI's OMAP 2 line is expected to become available in sample quantities by July.'
  6. 'The asthma action plan that follows is a sample intended for children ages 5 and older.'
  7. 'Many silage pits have been sampled, with the samples analysed to establish silage quality.'
  8. 'I also proposed to give handwriting samples to the FBI so that they may draw conclusions regarding the likelihood that I wrote the anthrax letters.'
  9. 'The TM8620 is available in sample quantities, and will go into volume production later this month.'
  10. 'I think of leading him up to the scene after the battle, with his sample swatches of alternative flag materials, and pointing to the flag.'
  11. 'samples of products for evaluation'
  12. 'I was in the kitchen, baking old-fashioned recipes, giving away free samples and recipe cards.'
  13. 'Rather, he wants it to serve the same function as one of those toothpicked food samples at the supermarket: a way to entice consumers to buy the whole shebang.'
  14. 'Salon brands, like Aveda and Kheil's, have mini-sized products and free samples that are perfect for tiny budgets and tiny baskets!'
  15. 'A battle is raging for the hearts and wallets of new mothers as two companies compete to distribute free samples of baby products in the country's biggest hospitals.'
  16. 'When customers visit the shop, free samples of some of your best product is always a smart loss-leader.'
  17. 'During the classes we are given samples of the food that the chefs are demonstrating as well as matching wines.'
  18. 'In a now-famous experiment, recounted in Schwartz's book, researchers set up a table at a specialty food store, offering samples of jam.'
  19. 'Stall-holders often complain that they give away copious free samples but do not make many sales, which suggests to me that the right audience is not getting to them.'
  20. 'One strategy taken from traditional marketing, is to give away free samples.'
  21. 'The centre also hopes to set up a trail around the town by asking local food retailers to offer samples of their fare or special offers.'
  22. 'a urine sample'
  23. 'An accredited laboratory can help by analyzing a dust sample.'
  24. 'To date over 9,000 samples have been analysed in the UK and around 80% have come back showing some evidence of infection.'
  25. 'The first step is to have a blood sample analyzed for its HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) profile.'
  26. 'If you are in any doubt consider having a sample analysed.'
  27. 'The samples are being analysed and the results will be posted on the division's website by October 2001.'
  28. 'Laboratory workers unaware of the disease status of the participants analysed blood samples for C pneumoniae using whole organism antigen and time resolved fluorimetry.'
  29. 'Grain and hay samples were analyzed for DM, ash, and soluble protein.'
  30. 'The International Commission on Missing Persons will analyze bone samples.'
  31. 'Australian police yesterday won the right to analyse genetic samples taken from a prime suspect in the suspected murder of a Yorkshire backpacker.'
  32. 'Surprisingly simple, this machine analyzes the blood samples of several people at once, and then differences show up as peaks on this computer.'
  33. 'a simple random sample of forty-five students'
  34. 'For the whole sample, we identified whether participants were high or low on locus and controllability.'
  35. 'To study a distribution, take random samples from a population and analyze them.'
A sound or piece of music created by sampling.
  1. 'With this attitude in place, the disc works pretty well whether you're into digging out early hip-hop samples or not.'
  2. 'The amount of attention paid to detail in creating high-quality piano samples comes at a price.'
  3. 'The Parker Tapes is composed entirely of voice and music samples, cut to shreds and reassembled over the course of seven years.'
  4. 'I was frustrated with doing live shows with the sample based music I had created in the past.'
  5. 'On Stargazing, singers gently coo over leisurely breakbeats, spacey samples and woozy strings.'
  6. 'The lone Surfer plays along to a backing track of cinematic sounds and irrelevant samples.'
  7. 'Some of the music released during this period now sounds terribly dated, however, relying as it does on overly familiar textbook samples and sounds.'
  8. 'While there's nothing wrong with the Roots integrating samples by these classic artists into their sound, it's not exactly the most daring of moves.'
  9. 'The music is varied, contextualising music-box melodies, razor-sharp beats and nostalgic acid-house key samples.'
  10. 'To these samples are added sounds captured by the MIR space station, which were then incorporated into his own compositions.'


Take a sample or samples of (something) for analysis.
  1. 'In addition further tests were carried out to sample the moisture of the concrete below the surface with the following results.'
  2. 'Normal samples will produce insufficient numbers for reliable analysis so that special sampling techniques need to be employed.'
  3. 'Any discharge from the drainage system must be sampled.'
  4. 'Households with telephones were sampled randomly, with a probability proportional to the size of the HSA in which they resided.'
  5. 'In the United States and the Netherlands they actively go out and randomly sample the population.'
  6. 'We randomly sampled a group of 10 000 control patients from the study cohort.'
  7. 'The cervical opening is widest during ovulation, so it's easier to sample the cells in the cervical canal at that point.'
  8. 'One hundred patients cards were randomly sampled from the author's acupuncture clinic.'
  9. 'The homes were sampled from seventy-five randomly selected areas (generally counties or groups of counties) across the entire country.'
  10. 'Our study differed from these four in that we included only women and selected them on the basis of risk factors for fracture, whereas these studies included men and may have sampled a population at lower risk.'
  11. 'it is a chance to sample probably the widest range of wines ever assembled'
  12. 'The eat on the street is running on George's Street from 3-5 pm and will give everyone a chance to sample foods from other cultures.'
  13. 'The Food Fight offers a chance to sample food and drink prepared by more than 45 restaurants and beverage suppliers.'
  14. 'Do they prefer sampling a product in a store, or getting a trial package in the mail?'
  15. 'Don't miss the chance to sample the wines that this family has been producing since the 1880s.'
  16. 'Next up we sampled the Tuna Tataki, and again, it featured an inventive combination of textures and flavours: the seared tuna, served with grated radish and slivers of roasted garlic, lay on a crisp bed of greens.'
  17. 'Tonight I had the opportunity to sample Pop Secret's Honey Butter Popcorn.'
  18. 'Once at the beach everyone was free to go local, sample snacks and drinks at the beach tavernas, swim nude, or just hang out.'
  19. 'A Jamaican steel band and reggae entertainment are set to liven up the party at BBC WM and special guests can sample traditional food and drink.'
  20. 'There will be cookery demonstrations, videos, information and, of course, a chance to sample some of the delicious food that will be on display.'
  21. 'Women will contribute to a potluck refreshment stand where they sample nutritional food that can help reduce certain health risks and problems.'
  22. 'On the second night we sampled the excellent Cove restaurant there.'
  23. 'They raved about the courses, the restaurants they sampled, the food and the Guinness.'
  24. 'The tour will visit seven cellar doors to allow the chance to sample the best the region has to offer as well as take a guided tour of a winery.'
  25. 'On the other hand I have also had a chance to sample some of the beauty that this city has to offer.'
  26. 'We thus have had a chance to sample the health diet available under two very different systems of health care.'
  27. 'Marbella, with its magnificent boutiques, extraordinary yachts and flashy patrons is best sampled by night.'
  28. 'They also sampled the local fare (as one would expect).'
  29. 'Children will be provided for with a chance to sample everything from writing to drama, all children's events will be free of charge.'
Ascertain the momentary value of (an analogue signal) many times a second so as to convert the signal to digital form.
  1. 'The pressure signal was sampled at 100 Hz from a battery-run pressure transducer and passed through an electronic filter before being recorded by computer.'
  2. 'Coronary flow velocity signals were sampled at a preselected fixed distance of 5.2 mm from the device tip to minimize turbulence caused by the presence of the measuring device.'
  3. 'All signals were sampled at 200 Hz, except for the electrocardiograph signal, which was sampled at 1,000 Hz.'
  4. 'sampling is bringing older music to younger ears'
  5. 'The album itself is dominated by light jazzy grooves, but is often rudely interrupted by snatches of TV, radio, and roughly sampled sounds.'
  6. 'It's a postmodern melding of elements that could easily have made this music before his sampling and mixing.'
  7. 'Sometimes there are even little diced-up chunks of human vocals, but whether this is the work of a Voder, or sampling from old hip-hop records, I can't tell.'
  8. 'Hip hop producers of the past have sampled portions or breaks (instrumental segments) from classic tunes to funkify their own beats.'
  9. 'As a teen he became even more inquisitive, sampling everything from Jimi Hendrix's psychedelic blues to grunge gods Nirvana and even early punk via Iggy and the Stooges.'
  10. 'Yet for Nightmares on Wax junkies, the Limited Edition CD is essential, featuring the best of this and previous albums sampled and remixed for 39 minutes of further joy.'
  11. 'Around this time I started fooling around with sampling some of the sounds off the records and putting my own beats to them.'
  12. 'It remains to be seen whether electro-tango is a blip or a school of thought, though, and fans, beginning to get weary of hearing their favourite riffs sampled in jingles and TV commercials, are eagerly awaiting a follow up.'
  13. 'Through sampling, digital processing and electro-acoustic techniques they produce a sound of surprising emotive power and musicality.'
  14. 'The song has been sampled, ground through a musical coffee mill and then set on fire in the middle of a gabba rave where old school jungle happens to bleed in from time to time.'

More definitions

1. a small part of anything or one of a number, intended to show the quality, style, or nature of the whole; specimen.

2. Statistics. a subset of a population: to study a sample of the total population.

3. a sound of short duration, as a musical tone or a drumbeat, digitally stored in a synthesizer for playback. adjective

4. serving as a specimen: a sample piece of cloth. verb (used with object), sampled, sampling.

5. to take a sample or samples of; test or judge by a sample.|

More examples(as adjective)

"readings can be sample."

"parts can be sample."

"informations can be sample."


Middle English (as a noun): from an Anglo-Norman French variant of Old French essample ‘example’. Current senses of the verb date from the mid 18th century.