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A small boat of a kind used in East Asia, typically with an oar or oars at the stern.
  1. 'They spot two sampans and chase them to a small fishing village.'
  2. 'Simultaneously the Vietnamese pulled their sampans up onto the beach and began to unload something; he couldn't tell what, so he decided to illuminate the proceedings with a flare.'
  3. 'Cargo ships still to this day jostle with rice barges and fragile sampans (an Oriental boat propelled by a sail or oars), whilst porters sweat in the humidity loading the boats.'
  4. 'It's a poor fishing village where the people live in sampans and junks.'
  5. 'He said the operators of two steel fishing vessels recently reported losses of HK $50,000 a month while the operators of two sampans said they had lost around HK $20,000.'
  6. 'Transportation available is taxis, buses, car rental, express boats and long boats or sampans.'
  7. 'Fishermen now use deep-sea trawlers and sophisticated fishing equipment, while sampans (small boats) ferry people between various points on the coastline along Victoria Harbour.'
  8. 'Graceful sampans, piled high with meticulous arrangements of fruit and vegetables, tables, urns and clay pots, float leisurely as they plied their merchandise.'
  9. 'Natives in three sampans paddled 10 hours without rest, towing the aircraft 25 miles downstream to the ancient city of Hue.'
  10. 'My father was a sailor and we lived in a sampan, a house boat.'

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1. any of various small boats of the Far East, as one propelled by a single scull over the stern and provided with a roofing of mats.

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"craft can be sampan."

"amidshipses can be sampan."


Early 17th century: from Chinese san-ban, from san ‘three’ + ban ‘board’.