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Identical; not different.
  1. 'I have never made the same mistake since'
  2. 'the very same people who practised all the rules are now the most sceptical'
  3. 'she was still the same old Beth'
  4. 'The colour-coded chart in his office tells the same story in a different way.'
  5. 'Is this a different ship or the same ship that is believed to have sunk off Kochi?'
  6. 'In a small universe, light from the same source would arrive in the same place from different directions.'
  7. 'Christian crusaders and missionaries had the same aim under a different banner.'
  8. 'Sets of books would be used by different teachers to teach the same subject in different classes.'
  9. 'It's funny how different people remember the same event in different ways.'
  10. 'These are both the same drug, under different names, used to control angina.'
  11. 'Her clothes, the same ones I saw her wearing last, a white t-shirt and combat trousers.'
  12. 'Different parts of the same plant, such as the flowers or seeds, can have very different actions.'
  13. 'Although the language used is different, the same grievances are being aired.'
  14. 'I like getting up at the same time every day.'
  15. 'However, the dating system has stayed the same.'
  16. 'IDC predicts growth will remain the same over the next five years.'
  17. 'Try to take the medicine about the same time each day.'
  18. 'they drank out of the same glass'
  19. 'The same mixture, she notes, is often found in drunkards.'
  20. 'On another occasion, these same slogans were etched onto the windows of her car with permanent etching fluid.'
  21. 'Twenty-seven Bulgarian servicemen were injured in the same attack, with six reported at the start of this week to be in a critical condition.'
  22. 'The same hopes, the same dreams, a shared humanity that transcends everything else that may set us apart.'
  23. 'It should be apparent that in general I shall be applying the same principles that I considered appropriate in my previous reasons.'
  24. 'They're using a coating composed of nano particles made of silica, the same material glass is made from.'
  25. 'In place of Watkin's Folly, indeed on the exact same spot, was built the Empire Stadium.'
  26. 'Liberals argue that all members of society must compromise some personal freedoms so that other members of the same society are not curtailed in their freedom.'
  27. 'This is the same Senate that Blagojevich took part in swearing in today.'
  28. 'He looked up at the ceiling and remembered that it was the same isolation room where Watson used to place him after training with Rufus.'
  29. 'But give that same man the means to grow or catch his own food, and he will feed his family for a lifetime.'
  30. 'I feel far safer as a cyclist in traffic than as a pedestrian walking along that same road.'
  31. 'During this same period, my home telephone and my mobile phone were subject to nuisance calls.'
  32. 'As well, they left us with that same old promise that the band will soon be putting out an album.'
  33. 'Many New Toronto residents still use that same transit route to get in and out of the city.'
Of an identical type; exactly similar.
  1. 'They dress in the same style clothes and adorn themselves with the same accessories.'
  2. 'Both wore the same clothes, a square scarlet red cloth hung from their hip and they both wore black trousers.'
  3. 'We get up about the same time every day, eat the same sorts of things, and put on the same sort of clothes.'


The same thing as something previously mentioned.
  1. 'The present format of the draw will remain the same as will the two euro play.'
  2. 'May not, this man reasons, these same happy levers of government be employed in showbusiness?'
  3. 'Irrespective of the size of the company the employment issues are still the same, he said.'
  4. 'The very same neighbour recalls seeing a wheelie bin out for collection on occasions.'
  5. 'It is broadly the same as the previous one, but rises to five storeys in places to accommodate bigger flats.'
  6. 'The same applies to the controls, with too many identical small switches in a row.'
  7. 'The growth conditions of winter genotypes were the same as described previously.'
  8. 'The same is true for all of the other British civil servants who are now running Montserrat.'
  9. 'The third photograph is of another young woman possibly the same as in the previous one.'
  10. 'The general conditions regarding eligibility will be the same as in previous years.'
  11. 'Students are not all the same. They come from many different backgrounds. Some are ready to move on to challenging college courses right away.'
(chiefly in formal or legal use) the person or thing just mentioned.
  1. 'It turns out that the head of same is a prominent member of the Australian Kurdish community.'
  2. 'All age groups are welcome to participate and sponsorship of same would be very welcome.'


Similarly; in the same way.
  1. 'he gave me five dollars, same as usual'


1. identical with what is about to be or has just been mentioned: This street is the same one we were on yesterday.

2. being one or identical though having different names, aspects, etc.: These are the same rules though differently worded.

3. agreeing in kind, amount, etc.; corresponding: two boxes of the same dimensions.

4. unchanged in character, condition, etc.: It's the same town after all these years. pronoun

5. the same person or thing.

6. the same kind or catego

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"periods can be same."

"times can be same."

"months can be same."

"ways can be same."

"years can be same."

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Middle English: from Old Norse sami, from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit sama, Greek homos.


all (or just) the same
be all the same to
one and the same
same again
same difference
same here
same old, same old
(the) same to you!