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A public room or building used for a specified purpose.
  1. 'Tom O'Shea built a house, billiard saloon and dining room next to it and Bill Lucy opened a blacksmith shop.'
  2. 'Besides wasteful consumption of so much clean water, pollutants discharged by restaurants, beauty saloons and large bathing rooms are also to blame for contaminated water.'
  3. 'This morning, Cyzarine and Zoya went to a religious service in the dining saloon.'
  4. 'Tonight there will be karaoke in the saloon bar from 8pm, tomorrow night is steak night and Sunday is the Hare and Hounds' Baranados Charity Race Night.'
  5. 'There was a couple of minutes pause after we'd finished that song, during which most of the audience disappeared into the saloon bar and the landlord, who everyone called Sid, (because he looked like Sid James) glared angrily over at us.'
  6. 'At that time, the city had about five saloons, a couple of hotels and groceries, a blacksmith and a train station.'
  7. 'For Kid Russell, as he was called, Lewistown was the place he came to kick up his heels, and, it is said, exchange sketches for drinks in local saloons.'
  8. 'When his knees were stiff with cold, he stepped into a saloon and drank a glass of whiskey, then at a general store purchased a pair of scissors.'
  9. 'Peggy and I explored the ship together, noting the position of the most important saloons and lounges.'
  10. 'The lift stopped on D Deck and everyone got off and went to the first class dining saloon.'
  11. 'The National Railway Museum's current royal collection includes Queen Victoria's last service saloon and a royal carriage withdrawn from service in 1977.'
  12. 'Each year we all would come to Hyderabad in one of those fancy railway saloons all the way from Chittagong.'
A car having a closed body and a closed boot separated from the part in which the driver and passengers sit.
  1. 'It is available as a five-door hatchback and a four-door saloon.'
  2. 'The revised Mercedes-Benz C Class saloons, estates and Sports Coupe have now gone on sale in Ireland, alongside a brand new SLK roadster.'
  3. 'While the five-door hatchback is expected to be the best seller in Europe, the four-door saloon is also predicted to sell well on the Continent.'

More definitions

1. a place for the sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks.

2. a room or place for general use for a specific purpose: a dining saloon on a ship.

3. a large cabin for the common use of passengers on a passenger vessel.

4. British. (in a tavern or pub) a section of a bar or barroom separated from the public bar and often having more comfortable furnishings and a quieter atmosphere. saloon car.

5. a drawing room or reception room.

More examples(as adjective)

"bars can be saloon."


Early 18th century (in the sense ‘drawing room’): from French salon, from Italian salone ‘large hall’, augmentative of sala ‘hall’.