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Most noticeable or important.
  1. 'At best, a dictionary can enumerate only some of the more salient semantic distinctions, and different lexicographers are liable to employ different criteria in their assessments.'
  2. 'Mill's salient distinction is between offence and harm; its implications for political correctness are pellucid.'
  3. 'A more interesting question is: is it OK to ‘enhance’ real evidence, if the salient facts are true?'
  4. 'He does not neglect the contribution of blues singers to the body of railroad songs, and in fact he discusses the salient features of the blues genre and its importance in commercial recordings.'
  5. 'The salient features of the Contributory Health Scheme meant for the ex-servicemen community will also be explained to them by the members of the team.'
  6. 'Yet the most salient feature of Truth and Truthfulness is Williams's passionate devotion to the political heritage of the Enlightenment.'
  7. 'Based on the preceding readings, how would you identify the salient distinctions between civil-political and economic-social rights?'
  8. 'The idea is to provide an opportunity to the manufacturers to explain the salient features of their products to the consumers.'
  9. 'The salient feature of these policies is not their racism per se but their carefully calculated divisiveness.'
  10. 'They distributed handbills and explained the salient features to those who showed interest in the policy.'
  11. 'the salient object in my view'
  12. 'The second most salient feature of primary forest indicated by habitat classification freelists was humidity.'
(of an angle) pointing outwards.
  1. 'A radial tire for heavy road vehicles comprises a tread formed with wide circumferential zigzag grooves. The sides of the grooves form angles that are alternately salient and reentrant, and the zigzag of at least one of the grooves has its amplitude reduced by a lateral shift of the salient angles along at least one side of the groove.'
(of an animal) standing on its hind legs with the forepaws raised, as if leaping.
  1. 'On the middle pillar of the canopy-work are the arms of this knight, a lion salient, impaling a spread eagle, the arms of his lady.'


A piece of land or section of fortification that juts out to form an angle.
  1. 'this decisive battle broke the Germans' ability to attack any further into the Kursk salient'
  2. 'Though the weather after 5 July was essentially clear, it worked against the German army during the critical initial advance into the Kursk salient.'
  3. 'In May 1943 four strikes of Soviet aviation at the enemy airfields at the Kursk salient destroyed 500 aircraft.'


1. prominent or conspicuous: salient traits.

2. projecting or pointing outward: a salient angle.

3. leaping or jumping: a salient animal.

4. Heraldry. (of a beast) represented as leaping: a lion salient. noun

5. a salient angle or part, as the central outward-projecting angle of a bastion or an outward projection in a battle line.

6. Physical Geography. a landform that extends out beyond its surroundings, as a spur projecting from the side of a mountain.Compare reen

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"questions can be salient by days."

"people can be salient to staffs."

"people can be salient in institutions."

"intentions can be salient to children."

"features can be salient for people."

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Mid 16th century (as a heraldic term): from Latin salient- ‘leaping’, from the verb salire. The noun dates from the early 19th century.