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  1. 'Thousands of inexpensive paintings featuring all types of subject matter were being sold at the many picture auctions held regularly in salesrooms, coffee houses, and taverns in both the City and Westminster.'
  2. '‘Sargent hunger’ overtook the salesrooms; the pictures alone fetched [pound] 182,585, and the price records for Sargent's work and modern art in general were ‘wiped out.’'
  3. 'They have their own car salesroom set up on the grass and they just pull out on to the main road without even looking.'
  4. 'And then you take great satisfaction in politely leaving, going down the road, buying the top-line Merc and driving back to the original salesroom.'

More definitions

1. a room in which goods are sold or displayed.

2. Also, especially British, saleroom. an auction room.

More examples(as adjective)

"ringings can be salesrooms."