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Fit or able to be sold.
  1. 'the publicity made his work more saleable'
  2. 'Although we are very grateful to receive donations of saleable items to raise funds for our work, we are not able to accept donations of food, blankets and shelter in our shops.'
  3. 'They know that they will have a hard job selling this, because it just is not saleable.'
  4. 'Now is the time to start searching and any unwanted saleable items will be very welcome by the organising committee.'
  5. 'They would also welcome donations of saleable items including books, toys, bric-a-brac, cakes, etc.'
  6. 'Just as a writer can write without much expenditure, a filmmaker must, first of all, be able to express himself without much fuss about what is saleable and what is not.'
  7. 'After 1905, with a chic Paris gallery constantly demanding saleable work and a shift in his social circle, Vuillard becomes in effect an Impressionist.'
  8. 'In a bid to raise revenue for the exchequer, from the sale of State owned properties the Government has initiated studies to identify potential saleable assets around the country.'
  9. 'For future markets, conformation and a consistently high yield of saleable meat will be paramount.'
  10. 'Due in part to the stock not being readily saleable and in part to a downturn in the stock market, the stock from Reader's Digest did not garner as much money as the college had hoped it would.'
  11. 'A job is about selling your labour for money and creating some kind of saleable product for your employer.'


1. subject to or suitable for sale; readily sold: The books were sent back by the store in salable condition.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be salable."

"banks can be salable."