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The action of sailing in a ship or boat.
  1. 'This is not just about hotels and transport, you will be able to book a round of golf too or sailing lessons.'
  2. 'Every July, Ullswater Yacht Club plays host to one of the biggest inland sailing events in the country.'
  3. 'Lunch was delayed until 3 pm when the boat reached Port Adventure because conditions while sailing were too rough for serving the meal.'
  4. 'The sea was now full of big sailing dinghies but not our dive boat.'
  5. 'More than 8,000 crew are participating in the world's biggest international sailing regatta.'
  6. 'It owns a fishery and fishing lakes, water skiing, sailing lakes, golf, tennis and a health and fitness club.'
  7. 'Dingy sailing is well underway at the club as new sailors complete their training courses and join in the fun.'
  8. 'Fewer sailings operate over the winter months, so give yourself plenty of time to reach Ardrossan.'
  9. 'You have several options for booking your cruise. You can search your favorite cruise line's or consolidator's Web site for repositioning cruises or one-way sailings.'
  10. 'At the conclusion of her winter season in Miami, the Norwegian Dawn will begin an innovative itinerary of seven-day Bahamas sailings from New York on May 18.'
  11. 'If you have a foreign villa or hotel booked, but don't want to fly to reach it, we've checked out the latest news on ferry sailings and the Tunnel, and provided three great driving routes to the sun through France.'
  12. 'The larger Island Princess will now sail on the 15-day round trip sailings from Los Angeles, in place of the previously announced Regal Princess.'
  13. 'The rights and wrongs of affecting the public, of disrupting ferry sailings and travelling plans for the 3,000 people which the port authorities said were due to use the ferryport during the day have been well debated at this stage.'
  14. 'Coaches from Inverness to Scrabster are scheduled to fit in with the ferry sailings.'
  15. 'Fewer sailings operate during winter - see the timetable for details.'
  16. 'The severe weather took its toll on Christmas travellers last week, with internal and external ferry sailings hit.'
  17. 'Several other ferries have now resumed sailings.'
  18. 'on the eve of her sailing, she learned that news had come in from Cyprus'

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1. the activity of a person or thing that sails.

2. the departure of a ship from port: The cruise line offers sailings every other day.

3. Navigation. any of various methods for determining courses and distances by means of charts or with reference to longitudes and latitudes, rhumb lines, great circles, etc.

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"people can be sailing for weeks."

"people can be sailing in/at/on years."

"people can be sailing in/at/on times."

"people can be sailing on harbours."

"people can be sailing on backs."

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