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Relating to or denoting the suture on top of the skull which runs between the parietal bones in a front to back direction.
  1. 'The neurosurgeon reduces the occipital protuberance by securing the central sagittal strip to the occipital bones using nonabsorbable sutures or 28-g surgical steel wire.'
  2. 'The head is at or on the perineum, and the sagittal suture is in the AP plane or rotated up to 45 degrees.'
Of or in a plane parallel to the sagittal suture, especially that dividing the body into left and right halves.
  1. 'In the sagittal plane, the neck can be flexed, extended or hyper-extended, as in butterfly or breaststroke.'
  2. 'Teach the client to reach away from the body in the sagittal plane and lengthen the spine.'
  3. 'Both knees were examined, and images were obtained in the transverse and the sagittal planes.'


1. Anatomy. of or relating to the suture between the parietal bones at the roof of the skull or to a venous canal within the skull and parallel to this suture. (in direction or location) from front to back in the median plane or in a plane parallel to the median.

2. pertaining to or resembling an arrow or arrowhead.

More examples(as adjective)

"sections can be sagittal."

"planes can be sagittal."

"scans can be sagittal."


Late Middle English: from medieval Latin sagittalis, from Latin sagitta ‘arrow’.