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Tending to sink or bulge downwards under weight or pressure.
  1. 'Some of the easiest problems to fix include gutters sagging from the weight of the ice, stained or saggy ceilings, and loose roof shingles.'
  2. 'Lee removed some nails from one side of the chair's saggiest webbing so we could tighten it.'
  3. 'What's more fun than spending too much money for lousy restaurant food served on saggy paper plates?'
  4. 'He walked under the trees, ducking under some particularly saggy branches, until he came to a ridge.'
  5. 'Instead, he sits in his saggy armchair all day, and possibly all night, dipping into a bottle of whisky.'
  6. 'a facelift can reduce saggy skin and wrinkles'
  7. 'He strode on to the stage in a salmon pink shirt—paunchy and saggier than in his TV pin-up youth, but with the same piercing blue eyes.'
  8. 'Plastic surgeons believe they may have found a better way to beat that most irrepressible sign of early aging—the saggy neck.'
  9. 'It was just a saggy old cloth cat, but Emily loved him.'
  10. 'Her body was droopy and her eyes saggy.'
  11. 'Why should we be doomed to grow old, gray, yellow and saggy before we turn to ashes and dust?'


1. sagging or tending to sag: a saggy roof.

More examples(as adjective)

"markets can be saggy."