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Someone who makes, repairs, or deals in saddlery.
  1. 'The same legislation will also leave horse owners unable to obtain many commonly used equine products from their local saddler.'
  2. 'James Bake, a Manchester saddler with a keen interest in racing and betting, disposed of his business to become a publican and landlord of the Post Office Hotel, the centre of Manchester betting.'
  3. 'The case also addresses whether compensation should be paid to those who suffer as a result of the ban, such as farriers, saddlers and feed merchants.'
  4. 'Major towns had specialized guilds for different trades and London had a great variety of both mercantile guilds, such as grocers, goldsmiths, and vintners, and manufacturers like tailors and saddlers.'
  5. 'In country towns with a population of just a thousand there was likely to be a saddler, blacksmith, coach or implement maker, and grain and fodder merchant, all dependent on the district's horses.'
  6. 'Louis Braille was born in 1809 at the village of Coupvray, twenty-five miles east of Paris, to a saddler and his wife, who named all their children after kings and queens of France.'
  7. 'Among the post's 631 men were bakers, blacksmiths, bricklayers, carpenters, masons, painters, plasterers, plumbers, saddlers, tinsmiths, and wheelwrights.'
  8. 'Back in Utrecht, he was admitted to the saddlers ' guild, to which painters then belonged.'
  9. 'Most likely an adaptation of the fashionable stovepipe hats of the day, these early hats were usually made by saddlers and leather workers.'
  10. 'The easiest way to estimate his weight is to use a weightape, which you can buy from most saddlers or feed merchants.'

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1. a person who makes, repairs, or sells saddlery.

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"makers can be saddler."