Adjective "saddening" definition and examples

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Cause to feel sorrow; make unhappy.
  1. with object and infinitive 'I was saddened to see their lack of commitment'
  2. 'Beyond the tragedy of a brave man's death two aspects of this case sadden me.'
  3. 'That's why these events sadden me so greatly; not so much because they happened.'
  4. 'The news of her death has deeply saddened the cast and crew of the show.'
  5. 'Unconnected in any way I was greatly saddened to learn of the death of George Harrison.'
  6. 'I looked deep into his eyes, and saw only emptiness, and I was greatly saddened by it.'
  7. 'The entire area is deeply shocked and saddened by this untimely and tragic death.'
  8. 'The news of the death of Norris McWhirter will sadden everyone who knew him.'
  9. 'Bolton cricket has been saddened by the death in hospital yesterday of Frank Baldwin.'
  10. 'Her death will sadden her fans, but her vast musical and political legacy that touched millions across the globe will live on.'
  11. 'He says he is saddened that bureaucratic red tape has brought the event to an end.'

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1. to make or become sad.

More examples(as adjective)

"comments can be saddening."

"threat-that-wases can be saddening."

"people can be saddening."

"partings can be saddening."