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Relating to or constituting a sacrifice.
  1. 'In four messages he opened up the magnificent theme of sacrificial worship from the anointing of Jesus in Mark 14.'
  2. 'Part of the ritual of sacrificial offering required pouring out water on the altar.'
  3. 'At the top were the Brahmans, priests of the sacrificial religion and intellectuals.'
  4. 'The Vedic religion with its sacrificial rites began to wane and other religions began to replace it.'
  5. 'Plead forgiveness on the basis of the sacrificial death of God's Son for sinners.'
  6. 'It does not come from recitation of hymns, sacrificial worship or a hundred fasts.'
  7. 'Ancient rituals have been revived, sacrificial altars rebuilt and lunar patterns observed with increasing attention.'
  8. 'She gives a lengthy description of the boy's relationship to his family and his inner responses to the bloody sacrificial rites.'
  9. 'Judaism and paganism both practiced the pouring of sacrificial libations of both blood and wine.'
  10. 'Christ's role as the Justifier takes primacy over that of Christ as Second Adam or the sacrificial lamb of the atonement.'
  11. 'The Hebrew for one of the many sacrificial offering is chatot, from the same root as the word chait.'
  12. 'Because magnesium is very reactive, it is used as a sacrificial anode (a substance designed to be oxidized first, thus protecting other metals) for the hulls of ships and in underground pipelines'
  13. 'Natural nacre also benefits from so-called sacrificial ionic bonds between proteins, which break under stress but can reform.'


1. pertaining to or concerned with sacrifice.

More examples(as adjective)

"lambs can be sacrificial."

"victims can be sacrificial."

"offeringses can be sacrificial."

"rituals can be sacrificial."

"altars can be sacrificial."

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