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Relating to or constituting a sacrament or the sacraments.
  1. 'a native sacramental tradition'
  2. 'Our participation in the sacramental life of the church is to be participation in the process of our salvation.'
  3. 'Here is also found the Spirit's role not just in the ecclesial sacraments, but in the sacramental consecration of the entire material cosmos, as consistently envisioned by the Eastern Orthodox tradition.'
  4. 'To partake of the Eucharist is to partake of Christ himself, and to enter into sacramental communion with our Lord we must all be properly disposed.'
  5. 'When the dramatic decline in the number of candidates for the priesthood is factored in, the threat to the sacramental mission of the church weighs heavily on today's ordained ministers.'
  6. 'Not all congregations will support this ministry, depending upon their sacramental theology and denominational affiliation.'
  7. 'Indeed, Catholicism embodies a rich sacramental tradition, graced moments of encounter with another that can never be adequately expressed in propositions.'
  8. 'I have found the sacramental life of worship in which my personal life has been shaped by entering into the Christian story and having God transform my life.'
  9. 'As we open ourselves to God through prayer, Scripture, and the sacramental life of the church, God's life is able to penetrate our beings more fully.'
  10. 'Catholic theology, incarnational and sacramental'
  11. 'For them the Christian life has been understood as essentially sacramental, incarnate and corporate.'
  12. 'Catholics, therefore, are a sacramental people and the Eucharist is the center of Catholic life.'


An observance analogous to but not reckoned among the sacraments, such as the use of holy water or the sign of the cross.
  1. 'For about thirteen years, I've been serving as a Catholic lay volunteer to bring prayer, the Eucharist, and sacramentals inside the walls of Florida's prison.'
  2. 'What Ker discovers instead is a common concern for the ‘sheer ordinariness’ of Catholic Christianity, the everyday ‘matter-of-factness’ of its sacraments and sacramentals.'
  3. '‘Good manners,’ he observes, ‘are like sacramentals - outer signs of inner grace.’'


1. of, relating to, or of the nature of a sacrament, especially the sacrament of the Eucharist.

2. powerfully binding: a sacramental obligation. noun

3. Roman Catholic Church. an action, as the sign of the cross, a ceremony resembling a sacrament, or a sacred object, regarded as being instituted by the church rather than by Christ and serving as a means of receiving sanctifying grace.

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