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Relating to sacred rites or symbols.
  1. 'The Orthodox Church's willingness to enlist the state on its behalf, and in turn to offer sacral endorsement of the state's policies, has deep psychological and historical roots.'
  2. 'The danger could never finally be set aside because it lies in the nature of Christianity itself, in the eternal tension between its temporal and its sacral self-interpretation.'
  3. 'Serb religious mythology, then, was robust both in the interweaving of its literary themes and in the interrelated and thorough ideology of sacral architecture.'
  4. 'One of these phenomena is the redefinition of the authority of sacral status in terms of professional expertise.'
  5. 'Yet that those gods whose inevitable death Walcott laments have lost their sacral force is not at all a foregone conclusion.'
  6. 'Unlike their secular brethren, they claim, in theory at least, to treat as sacral the assumptions of their sacred texts.'
  7. 'Once the town and surrounding villages had been cleansed of non-Catholics, non-Catholic sacral sites and other areas associated with Serb or Ottoman culture were destroyed.'
  8. 'While Christendom in its nominal sacral form has been dying in Western Europe there has been a widespread increase of believers in Latin America, sub Saharan Africa and much of Asia.'
  9. 'I do think that sacral aura of science, and its priesthood of scientists, has faded as the ultimate authority in our lives.'
  10. 'Ritual caches across ancient Mesoamerica mapped out orderly cosmic space: the ritual deposits of the Aztec and Maya alike often involved the placement of sacral objects in square arrangements.'
Relating to the sacrum.
  1. 'The mass involved the sacrum, infiltrated the sacral foramina, obscured sacral nerve roots, extended into the pelvis, and displaced the uterus and rectum.'
  2. 'The lumbosacral plexus is formed by the union of the anterior primary divisions of the lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal nerves.'
  3. 'This section passes through the fourth sacral vertebra and sacral hiatus and the os ilium at the sciatic notch.'
  4. 'In the pelvis, the sacral component innervates the bladder and rectum, where it mediates voiding.'
  5. 'Occasionally, a half-vertebra is found in the thoracic and lumbar regions and very rarely in cervical and sacral vertebrae.'
  6. 'A small surgical opening is made over the sacrum and a lead is placed near the sacral nerve that influences bladder control.'
  7. 'Typically they overlie pressure areas, including elbows, fingers, and Achilles, ischial, and sacral prominences.'
  8. 'The generator powers a lead that typically is placed through the sacral foramen to stimulate the S3 sacral nerve to decrease detrusor muscle contractions.'


1. of or relating to sacred rites or observances.

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