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Excessively sweet or sentimental.
  1. 'The film is filled with humorous dialogue that is often sweet without being saccharine.'
  2. 'But what saves it from saccharine sentimentality is that Meany is used as a means of exposing not just the hypocrisies of small town life but the larger follies of post-war America.'
  3. 'With its orchestral arrangements, dragging tempos and saccharine delivery, it seems less like pop music than easy listening.'
  4. 'Working every angle in a role that could easily have veered into saccharine excess, Portman is indomitable.'
  5. 'Even during his well-documented years of excess, the saccharine sweetness of James Taylor's voice served him well.'
  6. 'Ford relates the sentiment, humour and more grandiose moral of the story very effectively, but manages always to keep things sweet and never saccharine.'
  7. 'It is very nice that they love each other and all, but their banter did get a bit saccharine at times.'
  8. 'He kept glancing over at me and then smiling, his expression saccharine.'
  9. 'But very often the sentiments expressed are saccharine.'
  10. 'I always find songs written about that quite saccharine and a little bit obvious.'
Relating to or containing sugar; sugary.
  1. 'Thus the same saccharine solution may be made to undergo either the vinous or the butyric fermentation, according as the yeast plant or another organism, described by Pasteur, is introduced into it.'
  2. 'She did not seem to mind the cloying saccharine smell as she briskly walked past rows of incapacitated men, they heads so filled with the narcotic fumes that it was a miracle that they were still alive.'
  3. 'Rosanna had always smelled of roses and saccharine peppermint.'
  4. 'Diet Coke's path to glory was paved by the long-forgotten Tab, whose bitter, saccharine flavor first hit the market in 1963, and can be considered the gateway drug to diet colas.'


  1. 'In Japan, Korea, and China, it is used extensively in lieu of saccharine and aspartame.'
  2. 'In 1926 the artificial sweetener saccharine was popularized.'


1. of the nature of or resembling that of sugar: a powdery substance with a saccharine taste.

2. containing or yielding sugar.

3. very sweet to the taste; sugary: a saccharine dessert.

4. cloyingly agreeable or ingratiating: a saccharine personality.

5. exaggeratedly sweet or sentimental: a saccharine smile; a saccharine song of undying love.

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Late 17th century: from modern Latin saccharum + -ine.