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Having or showing no pity or compassion for others.
  1. 'Not that people had much choice in the matter - bandits were ruthless and bloodthirsty.'
  2. 'He is known as a fierce and ruthless executive within his film production company, CWP.'
  3. 'It is hard to believe that this young female is a ruthless killer against whom we would not stand a chance.'
  4. 'Every indication is that he remained ruthless in his treatment of men and women alike.'
  5. 'Even at this young age, though, he was characteristically ruthless with himself.'
  6. 'So many of our prisoners have lost members of their family to his ruthless practices.'
  7. 'Still, Gutfeld knows that it can be a ruthless world for editors who deviate too far from what is expected.'
  8. 'The association has promised that it will be ruthless with anyone who spoils the quality of life of others.'
  9. 'They are ruthless; murder is such a profession to them that they almost seem like a force of nature.'
  10. 'The tale of one ruthless military man getting away with murder is probably the story that has sickened me most.'


1. without pity or compassion; cruel; merciless: a ruthless tyrant.

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"people can be ruthless in things."

"schemings can be ruthless as treatments."

"places can be ruthless inside rings."

"places can be ruthless in selections."

"people can be ruthless in victories."

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Middle English: from ruth + -less.