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Having an uneven or irregular surface; not smooth or level.
  1. 'her skin felt dry and rough'
  2. 'Abbey gulped as she felt her wrists get tied together with rough rope.'
  3. 'She felt her back hit the rough surface of a tree.'
  4. 'Mold spores adhere more tightly to the rough surfaces than to the smooth skin of undamaged kernels.'
  5. 'His forehead is pressed against the rough, gritty plaster of the wall, sharp against his nose.'
  6. 'Furniture replaced itself, but rough cloth became silk and plain wood shiny mahogany.'
  7. 'The ornate rugs on the rough, wooden floor seemed to be nothing but pieces of carpet, dirt scuffing away the designs of its former glamour.'
  8. 'He ran a hand over the rough surface, walking around it.'
  9. 'To the boy it sounded like a bag of dirty clothes was being dragged across a rough area of cement.'
  10. 'I took his mantle and spread it on the rough wood surface, and with some difficulty he stretched out upon it, face down.'
  11. 'The wooden floors were rough (not having ever been sanded), often giving the boy splinters.'
(of a person or their behaviour) not gentle; violent or boisterous.
  1. 'It was a busy day and the rough customers were more than a little rowdy that evening.'
  2. 'The hand that was so gentle with love before was now harsh and rough with lust.'
  3. 'I have to admit it excited me the way he was rough and aggressive.'
  4. 'Who knew that such a rough man could feel so right?'
  5. 'Unlike the kisses we shared in the past, this kiss was rough, hard, and I could smell and taste the alcohol on his breath.'
  6. 'A group of rough looking men sat around a fire, drinking and laughing heartily.'
  7. 'He was a rough man, but out of his venality and his bestial nature erupted this divine expression on the canvas.'
  8. 'Shannon's left eyebrow rose in speculation as Rogers fidgeted with the twin coffee mugs in his rough iron grip.'
  9. 'They're rough, dirty, and all about sweat and grime.'
  10. 'He was rough, but not to the point where it actually hurt.'
  11. 'the workmen hate going to the rough estates'
  12. 'Living in a relatively rough part of town, I wasn't allowed out an awful lot.'
  13. 'Gonzalez, a Stanford University graduate, grew up in a rough part of the Bay Area.'
  14. 'Kim thought for a moment and then remembered what Rosie had said about wanting her baby to grow up in a loving family and not on some rough London estate.'
  15. 'Although not a particularly rough town it had its unruly inhabitants, as did all dock towns.'
  16. 'It was drawing close to winter, so the ocean was rough.'
  17. 'He hugged her again, and she clung to him as if he was a raft in a rough sea.'
  18. 'We heard that the sea was rough over the Channel and did not expect you until the end of the week.'
  19. 'The pass is granted for next weekend, and Nurse Ratched takes out a newsclipping about how rough and dangerous the sea is this year.'
  20. 'The amazons at the oars negotiated the rough sea with the utmost of care, proving their fine skill as seafarers.'
  21. 'I do not think the man will come today; the seas are rough, and the horizon shows more storms to come.'
  22. '‘This does not bode well with me,’ James said as he held his rifle as though it were a life preserver in rough seas.'
  23. 'What a fragile vessel to sail into the rough seas that lay ahead!'
  24. 'I finally spotted her alone, outside on the veranda, looking at the rough ocean.'
  25. 'On this day there were tiny little rippling waves breaking on the sandy beach, but Rita told me that on occasion it could become very rough.'
Not finished tidily or decoratively; plain and basic.
  1. 'The walls, as in the rest of the house, are finished in traditional rough plaster that complements the timber doors and architraves.'
  2. 'If you think the finish is somewhat rough, you are right, but there is a good reason for this.'
  3. 'The house didn't look as rough when the trio finished their work, and they were immensely proud.'
  4. 'In the corner there was a rough looking table made of cheap wood with many knot holes, with a corresponding short stool the Duke was seated on.'
  5. 'An inventory of the National Gallery's furniture in 1856 lists only seven and a half dozen oak chairs and one rough deal table.'
  6. 'A rough, wooden, two-stick candelabrum graced one table, while the other sported a heavy glass oil lamp.'
  7. 'He was standing frozen in the doorway, a rough sack of belongings slung over his shoulder.'
  8. 'Drake grabbed a handful of his hair and twisted cruelly just as he finished tying off the rough bandage.'
  9. 'she took care of him in her rough, kindly way'
  10. 'They spoke together in their own rough language for a while before Rastif brought Sanchen over to them.'
  11. 'he had a rough draft of his new novel'
  12. 'Firstly, the system is being developed online from 6 years of rough draft notes.'
  13. 'Whoever drew them must have seen the two before, for the pictures were quite detailed, even for a rough sketch.'
  14. 'He only did a rough draft, but he said he'd draw in all the fine details tomorrow.'
  15. 'Now that I was getting somewhere, I took out another piece of paper to write my rough draft on.'
  16. 'Conversely, the ‘performer’ will be able to generate a rough Labanotation score that can be refined by a notator.'
  17. 'As a working artist, when I look back on my early work I look at a rough draft of myself.'
  18. 'I wrote various rough drafts, too many of them sarcastic.'
  19. 'We started writing together when I approached her with an idea and a rough draft of a vampire script.'
  20. 'When I am drawing, I use pencils for rough drafts and pens for final copies since it makes my drawings look more professional.'
  21. 'Woodward's book is just the first, very rough draft of that key time in America's history.'
(of a voice) harsh and rasping.
  1. 'Her rough voice sounded almost hysterical as she dropped to her knees next to him, turning his lifeless body over and checking for a pulse.'
  2. 'When he spoke, his voice was rough and husky, barely above a whisper.'
  3. 'After a short pause, he heard the door open, followed by his uncle's rough voice before the latter finally appeared in his line of vision.'
  4. 'Unable to even squint at the harsh light, her voice was rough and dry.'
  5. 'Gavin's eyes had turned so dark a grey that they were nearly black, and his voice was rough with suppressed frustration and anger.'
  6. 'The ‘leader’ asked in a rough voice that seemed more like a growl.'
  7. 'She suddenly heard a rough voice yell to her from the shadows.'
  8. 'Whispers followed that yell until a rough voice came out of nowhere.'
  9. 'The voice was rough, but soothing, and she began to feel safer.'
  10. 'His voice was unusually rough and that was all he said.'
  11. 'he refilled the mug with rough cider'
  12. 'A fine wine match here is this rustic, slightly rough and spicy 100 per cent organic red, with enough heat and heft to manage the lamb.'
  13. 'The rough red Italian vino was on the table for every meal and we drank it instead of water, not being too certain of the purity of the ship's drinking water.'
Not exact or precise; approximate.
  1. 'it'll cost about £50, at a rough guess'
  2. 'Gerry threw the fifth empty can into the rough direction of the garbage can.'
  3. 'In a rough approximation, it works the same way as lint, and lint's users will need very little time to understand how to use it.'
  4. 'There is no exact figure of how many people actually lived on the Hundred of Farnham, but we can have a rough idea of how many died.'
  5. 'At a rough guess, that would give use room for around 800 songs, which is still plenty.'
  6. 'Having got a rough idea of how the coinage worked, we need to work out how much that was worth in modern terms.'
  7. 'I have a rough idea who, but I want to keep it a secret until I'm positive of the facts and evidence.'
  8. 'I have a rough idea what kind of sight awaits beyond that door, but that still doesn't make me any keener to go out there.'
  9. 'This ratio is a rough measure of the operating leverage a company can achieve in the conduct of the operational part of its business.'
  10. 'When I had first started the story, I had a rough idea of where to go, but I guessed the story didn't turn out the way I had expected.'
  11. 'A task, in common usability lingo, is a rough measure for a user activity.'
Difficult and unpleasant or unfair.
  1. 'the first day of a job is rough on everyone'
  2. 'Admittedly they got off to a rough start, but she was a very casual person.'
  3. 'If we rely on such counsel, if enhancing the national welfare depends on such, we are in for a rough time.'
  4. 'Accompanying partners can have a rough time of it too.'
  5. 'He had a rough time with the bills piling up, the electricity and water going off sometimes when he least expected it.'
  6. 'She looked like she'd had a rough time, and there was a three-foot-thick solid wall a mile high around her heart.'
  7. 'She was going to have a rough time with Wilson in the jungle for a year.'
  8. 'How many more people who he had never heard of before (and that happened to get off at rough starts) were they going to pick up?'
  9. 'If this was the explanation, then they could be in for a rough time.'
  10. 'From a rough start, he has proven adroit at managing these public moments.'
  11. 'He had a rough time of it, but it was he who informed me of your capture.'


In a manner that lacks gentleness; harshly or violently.


    A disreputable and violent person.
    1. 'Two teams of roughs, clothed in only their union-suits, attempt to wrest the boar-skin from each other's possession.'
    (on a golf course) longer grass around the fairway and the green.
    1. 'Paul Crowe, the club's golf manager, describes it to me as ‘primal - a battle with the elements and natural roughs.’'
    A preliminary sketch.
    1. 'Some artists are willing and able to create roughs or prototypes to illustrate to a licensee just how well their work would suit products.'
    2. 'Since most do not want to believe me, at a couple of random points during the semester, I will take one of the student's pinned-up roughs and wax poetic about various points and rationales.'
    3. 'Behind the jar, a sketch pad is peopled with figurative roughs, historical drafts - the preliminaries of art and history, of cultural recognition.'
    An uncut precious stone.
    1. 'Over the course of six decades, Frank Sinatra managed to be both the diamond and the rough.'


    Work or shape (something) in a rough, preliminary fashion.
    1. 'Few anchorages were available in this vast maze of coastline, with its network of inlets whose beds had been roughed in with decisive strokes of Nature's creative tools.'
    2. 'The closet bend and toilet floor flange must be roughed in first.'
    3. 'One day in March I was roughing out a scene in the script in which the off-screen voice of my aunt was introducing the action in the laundry room of a typical Argentine house.'
    4. 'There is however one last snaggette to the system we've just been roughing out.'
    5. 'Working with the comp and some basic reference colors, the understructure of the ship is roughed out.'
    Make uneven.
    1. 'The middle of the album is largely filled with the former, leaving the latter to rough up the record's edges.'
    2. 'The ice is roughed up pretty badly, which slows things down and keeps me from busting my tail.'
    3. 'Grosvenor used a chain saw to rough up the top face of the work, which is at a tall viewer's eye level.'
    Live in discomfort with only basic necessities.
    1. 'Besides, it doesn't take much to taste good when you are roughing it.'
    2. 'He has certainly roughed it and it would be very unfair if someone else comes in and is appointed coach.'
    3. 'Man cannot live by roughing it alone, which is why the first part of my journey is spent in the five-star opulence of the Tanjung Aru Resort in the state capital, Kota Kinabulu.'
    4. 'She can picture herself roughing it with a backpack and Eurail pass - as long as there is a massage and room service at end of the trek.'
    5. 'There was nothing like roughing it, though maybe last night had gotten a little too rough.'
    6. 'Theoretically, if the tent has stayed up, then we could have roughed it in it.'
    7. 'Tell me you'd rather be out here roughing it, then at home and cozy.'
    8. 'She just wasn't used to roughing it so much and it didn't help that Trom and Vicki started arguing with one another again.'
    9. 'She also found that while she was supposed to be attending equestrian lessons, she was ditching them more and more often in favor of simply saddling her horse western style and roughing it on the trails.'
    10. 'She thinks that roughing it is going without a nail file.'


    1. having a coarse or uneven surface, as from projections, irregularities, or breaks; not smooth: rough, red hands; a rough road.

    2. shaggy or coarse: a dog with a rough coat.

    3. (of an uninhabited region or large land area) steep or uneven and covered with high grass, brush, trees, stones, etc.: to hunt over rough country.

    4. acting with or characterized by violence: Boxing is a rough sport.

    5. characterized by unnecessary violence or infractions o

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    "people can be rough with people."

    "seas can be rough with winds."

    "seas can be rough with waves."

    "seas can be rough with swells."

    "people can be rough on people."

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