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(of fruit or grain) developed to the point of readiness for harvesting and eating.
  1. 'He sat up and plucked a large ripe orange off the weighted tree.'
  2. 'About a half mile from the trailer there was a stand of trees filled with ripe cherries.'
  3. 'There are crops which are ripe now and ready to be harvested!'
  4. 'Trees bearing big, ripe fruits of all kinds were everywhere.'
  5. 'Outside in the back garden, he could see Mrs Galloway, who was their cook, picking ripe fruit from the strawberry patches nearby the greenhouse, collecting them in her apron.'
  6. 'Infecting fruits, flowers, and trees, gray mold looks like gray fuzz and is found on aging blossoms and soft ripe fruits.'
  7. 'What I craved was local food in season: ripe strawberries, fresh asparagus, traditional apple varieties.'
  8. 'I looked at the date palm trees that lined the roads, dripping with lush ripe dates.'
  9. 'The branches greened, leaves sprouted, and blossoms sprung and turned into ripe apples.'
  10. 'I proceeded to pick the ripe fruits and vegetables.'
  11. 'He poured himself a cup of coffee and picked a ripe, juicy peach for breakfast.'
  12. 'This is a gorgeous, perfectly ripe and totally consistent Cabernet Sauvignon.'
  13. 'I give them each some of my real buttermilk, soured just right, or a chunk of my ripe cheese.'
  14. 'A generation of consumers accustomed to ripe, sweeter fleshy wines from the new world will be astonished at the sheer opulence of these wines.'
  15. 'rich, ripe flavours emanate from this wine'
Having arrived at the fitting stage or time for a particular action or purpose)
  1. 'they felt that the time was ripe for a new approach'
  2. 'He felt his stomach growling, and decided the time was ripe for some food.'
  3. 'The time is ripe for arguments such as those presented in this book to be taken and discussed seriously.'
  4. 'The time is ripe for a new way to move information through the system quickly.'
  5. 'Workplace tensions, whether related to compensation issues, unrealistic profit margins or setting rapid growth goals, can create an environment ripe for fraud.'
  6. 'Shortly after Copland's death in 1990, Pollack decided the time was ripe for a fuller study of his life and work.'
  7. 'Alcoholic or not, most of us are ripe for a detox.'
  8. 'When the work became public in this form, I believe it also became ripe for discussion and criticism.'
  9. 'A system with few clear boundaries and no real checks and balances is ripe for chaos.'
  10. 'The time is ripe for a new focus on winning a share of the shopper that will have a shelf life well beyond the cold, hard realities of an economic slowdown.'
  11. 'Although the area is quite rural, local residents feared the township, which grew by 35 percent in the last decade, was ripe for development.'
  12. 'It's easy to see why this music appealed to him: it has a mesmerizing quality in many of its slow moments, and the more dramatic ones are ripe with color and atmosphere.'
  13. 'It was around midnight and the place was ripe with furiously drunk students.'
  14. 'The road trip that results, as one would expect, is ripe with adventure, from motorcycle crashes, to drunken endeavours, to amorous encounters with beautiful women, right through to the stunning scenery that their journey encompasses.'
  15. 'But the future is ripe with possibilities, like live television or an entire network with programming made especially for your cell phone.'
  16. 'Yet both led lives ripe with scandal and public disgrace.'
  17. 'Their scenes together are ripe with tension, both sexual and dramatic, and their relationship develops in emotionally intricate ways.'
  18. 'The air was ripe with the smell of hay and horses.'
  19. 'The industry is so ripe with foolishness, pretensions and self-loathing that nothing can be said or done to make it appear even more foolish.'
  20. 'The film may be ripe with clichés, but it embraces that concept.'
  21. 'Park takes these various threads and weaves them into a rich whole, a picture ripe with social commentary that he populates with an engaging cast of interesting characters and shoots with the vividness and style that we've come to expect.'
(of a person's age) advanced.
  1. 'However, at my ripe age of 16, I didn't care much for a car yet.'
  2. 'At the ripe age of 26, the two were closer then ever and lived together in a house in rural New England.'
  3. 'At the ripe age of 39, this exuberant Brazilian choreographer has rapidly become a major player in the cultural landscape of her native country.'
  4. 'She liked her slight eccentricity and the fact that, despite being the ripe old age of seventy-two, she remained fiercely independent and fully alert and updated on the world around her.'
  5. 'Since a miraculous cure to fix the ills of American health care is unlikely to happen quickly, to help you stay healthy to a ripe old age, what are your options?'
  6. 'Amy Clarke lived in Farran House to the ripe old age of 101 and left it to her daughter, who was by then in her 80s.'
  7. 'The lady reminded Fiona of her own grandmother, who passed away three years ago from cancer at the ripe old age of ninety-one.'
  8. 'When they returned to New Plymouth, they moved to a house on the corner of Dawson and Vivian Streets, where Mary King lived until the ripe old age of 93.'
  9. 'The costly ceremony usually takes place some days or weeks after the burial of the corpse and is normally performed only for the rich and famous as well as for those who had lived to a ripe old age and were survived by children.'
  10. 'And now, he's just made one of his very best records in any genre at the ripe old age of 61.'
(of a female fish or insect) ready to lay eggs or spawn.
    (of a person's language) beyond the bounds of propriety; coarse.


      1. having arrived at such a stage of growth or development as to be ready for reaping, gathering, eating, or use, as grain or fruit; completely matured.

      2. resembling such fruit, as in ruddiness and fullness: ripe, red lips.

      3. advanced to the point of being in the best condition for use, as cheese or beer.

      4. fully grown or developed, as animals when ready to be killed and used for food.

      5. arrived at the highest or a high point of development or excellence; ma

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      "industries can be ripe for consolidations."

      "issues can be ripe for decisions."

      "places can be ripe for integrations."

      "runs can be ripe for setbacks."

      "times can be ripe for changes."

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      Old English rīpe, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch rijp and German reif.