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Make the sound and movement of vomiting.
  1. 'Gabriel was very much awake, leaning over one side of the cot, coughing and retching as phlegm emitted from his mouth and fell to the floor.'
  2. 'Ray had to cover her mouth and nose, trying to prevent herself from retching as the smell reached her sensitive nostrils.'
  3. 'Within seconds, Evin could faintly be heard retching behind the door.'
  4. 'In between the sounds of his gagging and retching, he sobbed wildly, gasping for breath, barely able to breathe.'
  5. 'He began to violently retch, through nausea rather than any serious problem.'
  6. 'I was hanging over the edge of the bed, gagging and retching, though mercifully nothing was coming out.'
  7. 'But the air was suddenly clean and clear and he was coughing so much he almost retched and Abby was coughing, too, sounding like she had pneumonia.'
  8. 'Standing up quickly, she watched the boy roll around on the floor pathetically, crying, gasping and retching.'
  9. 'In my room, I did what I could of my homework, until the urge to retch was too strong.'
  10. 'And suddenly a wave of nausea hit him, so that he had to lean his head against the side of the car and retch.'
  11. 'he retched up a thin stream of vomit'
  12. 'She felt like retching everything inside her, but all that came was a gurgling noise and a very ragged breath.'
  13. 'James felt his stomach churn, and retched the remaining contents of alcohol in his stomach to the streets below.'
  14. 'He retched the contents of his stomach into the toilet.'
  15. 'He nodded and opened his mouth, but before he could utter a word, he became even paler, if possible and rushed out into the bathroom where I heard him retching his guts out.'
  16. 'In the morning when I woke up I found Mark retching the contents of his stomach up outside the tent.'
  17. 'Getting Giles into the car without hurting him wasn't easy, but the minute his head hit the back of the seat, he fell asleep, so at least she didn't have to worry about him retching his lungs out.'
  18. 'Rain came back with a plastic bowl and held it under me as I retched up whatever had been in my stomach.'


A movement or sound of vomiting.
  1. 'She still feels nauseous, so forces a finger down her throat but manages just a dry retch.'
  2. 'Rayne finished retching up the small amount of food quickly, but continued dry, racking retches for several seconds.'
  3. 'I get up blindly and leave, and outside spit egg-and-bread into my hands, dry retches of nothing clogging my throat like the tears which keep coming.'

More definitions

1. to make efforts to vomit. verb (used with object)

2. to vomit. noun

3. the act or an instance of retching.

More examples(as adjective)

"preferrings can be retched."


(retch)Mid 19th century: variant of dialect reach, from a Germanic base meaning ‘spittle’.