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Revive (someone) from unconsciousness or apparent death.
  1. 'He snatches her body from the current, resuscitates her, then brings her to his late father's house.'
  2. 'By the time I got down there, they had been trying to resuscitate her for five minutes.'
  3. 'Again she tried to resuscitate her, performing CPR or anything else she thought would work.'
  4. 'Nevertheless, they spent an hour trying to resuscitate William.'
  5. 'We tried to resuscitate him as there was a possibility he could make it.'
  6. 'They expect the team to do its job in resuscitating patients and to provide care after resuscitation.'
  7. 'Vigorous efforts were made to resuscitate him, but on examination he was found to be dead.'
  8. 'A lifeguard, followed by Adair, came running to help laying Azara's limp body on the soft white sand and started the pouring oxygen back into her lungs and resuscitating her.'
  9. 'Calynna pressed down on Blaise's chest, hoping to resuscitate him.'
  10. 'All hands would have turned to the priority of resuscitating the patient.'
  11. 'measures to resuscitate the ailing economy'
  12. 'There was no prototype, no blueprint for resuscitating a town.'
  13. 'I felt less anxious then than I did during high school because of having resuscitated my passion for writing.'
  14. 'Have you ever tried to resuscitate a bankrupt restaurant?'
  15. 'And although street clocks went out of vogue in the 1920s, Verdin resuscitated the analog timepieces in the 1980s for small towns undergoing Main Street revivals.'
  16. 'Roger's ego is soon resuscitated when he receives a surprise visit from his sixteen-year-old nephew, Nick, who needs some help in dealing with the ladies.'
  17. 'The film-makers should be given full marks for resuscitating this story and bringing it to the screen.'
  18. 'The pond is not resuscitated nor is the scum removed for further study.'
  19. 'Its cost-cutting and route-cutting efforts to date are devoid of the genius and drive that would resuscitate the train as a preferred mode of transportation between major city pairs throughout the country.'
  20. 'Like a number of recent American poets who have done a lot to resuscitate genre, narrative, wit, and craft, the student said there needs to be a development of traditional techniques and genres to create more public forms.'
  21. 'To back their legal challenge, the plaintiffs have resuscitated some troubling arguments: they hint that Kennewick Man may have been here before the ancestors of contemporary Native Americans.'

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1. to revive, especially from apparent death or from unconsciousness.

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"companies can be resuscitating."


(resuscitate)Early 16th century: from Latin resuscitat- ‘raised again’, from the verb resuscitare, from re- ‘back’ + suscitare ‘raise’.