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Restore (a dead person) to life.
  1. 'By the tune of her voice, you might have thought she was just told that her dead family was resurrected.'
  2. 'Miraculously resurrected, the hero of such tales often comments about the " long sleep " he has enjoyed.'
  3. 'In trying to save the kid, Eddie dies, but the medallion resurrects him with a few curious after-effects - he now has superhuman powers and cannot be killed.'
  4. 'But it seemed he was resurrected, as though he were never dead.'
  5. 'the deal collapsed and has yet to be resurrected'
  6. 'In continental Europe, by contrast, where the past is everywhere and every small city has an opera house, forgotten works are resurrected with hardly a nod to the text of the original.'
  7. 'The applicants in these two cases are certainly not asking to resurrect that argument.'
  8. 'Shorto resurrects him from obscurity and portrays him as the early merchant pioneer who introduced the key notions of pluralism and personal liberty to what was then known as New Amsterdam.'
  9. 'He had been all but ignored during his career and was resurrected only a decade after it by tiny yet earnest coteries scattered around Europe and America.'
  10. 'Her blog was recently resurrected in a more subdued incarnation, but it still brings the traffic.'
  11. 'He successfully resurrects a forgotten figure in the history of the church, no small feat considering Sherwood wrote under several pseudonyms in numerous state papers and had a wider range of interests than mere theology.'
  12. 'Ultimately, he finds himself, and resurrects his career after an evangelical transformation.'
  13. 'It is a story of hope, the hope in which we gather, a hope that resurrects and renews our spirits.'
  14. 'Peter Bowler has spent years resurrecting old and forgotten words that are spectacularly precise in their meaning.'
  15. 'The two shows dug deep into archival troves and directed viewers and art historians toward an expansion of both sources and resources, resurrecting artists and specific works from historical oblivion.'

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1. to raise from the dead; bring to life again.

2. to bring back into use, practice, etc.: to resurrect an ancient custom. verb (used without object)

3. to rise from the dead.

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"people can be resurrected."

"words can be resurrected."

"statues can be resurrected."

"organizations can be resurrected."

"orbitals can be resurrected."

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(resurrect)Late 18th century: back-formation from resurrection.