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A further or fresh surge; a surge back or backwards.


    To rise again, be resurgent.


      To surge back again.

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        1. to rise again, as from desuetude or from virtual extinction.

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        "recentlies can be resurged."


        (resurge)Early 18th century; earliest use found in Miscellanea Curiosa; containing a collection of some of the principal phaenomena in nature. From re- + surge<br>late 16th century; earliest use found in R. B. (d. 1561). From classical Latin resurgere to get up again, to return to a higher level, to rise above the horizon again, to spring up again, to become active again, revive, in post-classical Latin also to rise again (from the dead) (Vetus Latina) from re- + surgere to rise. Compare Spanish re