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Put a new coating on or re-form (a surface, especially a road)
  1. 'the road has been closed for resurfacing'
  2. 'The fact that the road was scheduled to be resurfaced was one of the reasons we were allowed to conduct the tests in the first place.'
  3. 'Classic hardwood floors may need to be resurfaced every five years, but should be structurally sound for twenty-five years or more, according to Roger Berk of Haywood-Berk.'
  4. 'We would not recommend you resurface your kitchen sink.'
  5. 'However it does have potential and could be converted to an indoor pool - alternatively it could be resurfaced and turned into a tennis court.'
  6. 'In the new year, the remaining work will include the laying of pavement sections, resurfacing of roads and work on overhead power wires.'
  7. 'The Montreal circuit has been completely resurfaced since last season.'
  8. 'He dug up those areas and resurfaced them with ground cover or mulch.'
  9. 'The roadway from the church up past the old school has been completely resurfaced.'
  10. 'Today, concrete is widely used, often resurfaced with asphalt or tar.'
  11. 'Granite can scratch and may have to be resurfaced every few years.'
Come back up to the surface of water.
  1. 'Moby-Dick resurfaces, and destroys two of the boats, leaving Ahab's unharmed.'
  2. 'He fought to resurface, pushing past the amount of water above him.'
  3. 'Splashing in the shallows, she saw Betty resurface.'
  4. 'When we both resurfaced I started to splash water at Casey.'
  5. 'Once resurfacing from the water, hair in his eyes, he could see Jo laughing, not so discreetly slapping her thigh in mirth.'
  6. 'The older boy squatted down on his heels and waited for his guest to resurface, hoping that the water would cool off his anger.'
  7. 'Skye was just about to throw a rock or some boulder in after him when he finally resurfaced.'
  8. 'But when he looked at the viscous black harbor water, he realized that the man had not yet resurfaced.'
  9. 'With that, he pushed Amy under the water and when she resurfaced, he laughed and made her kick her feet so that they would get to the island faster.'
  10. 'I resurfaced, slapping at the water with the hand full of wax and gasping for air.'
  11. 'serious concerns about the welfare of animals eventually resurfaced'
  12. 'I tried to push all those thoughts to the back of my mind, but for some reason they kept resurfacing.'
  13. 'When authorities thought they had the situation under control, however, the virus resurfaced last month in Perak.'
  14. 'Another argument that rates will rise is that inflation, long thought dead, has recently resurfaced.'
  15. 'I've never been happier… ‘he shortly replied, his sweet smile resurfacing again.’'
  16. 'Memories of her mother and father resurfaced in her mind, bright and clear.'
  17. 'Now, the low prices are resurfacing at the chains - Bally is offering $19 down and $19 a month.'
  18. 'Nicholas Roe suggests that these are examples of moments where the past resurfaces with a power to quicken the poet's imaginative life.'
  19. 'The interactive diary has provided me with images that resurface every time I open a diary I'm studying or writing about.'
  20. 'As I look through my high school belongings, many memories resurface.'
  21. 'he resurfaced under a false identity in Australia'
  22. 'Instead he has now resurfaced at the Milpitas, California-based storage vendor where he will be responsible for developing its range of data-protection and networked-storage products.'
  23. 'Martin marched himself round in ever decreasing circles, like he could somehow tunnel himself out from under all his troubles, and resurface someplace where his world wasn't falling apart.'
  24. 'Bacharach resurfaced only sporadically in the '70s and '80s, turning out the occasional hit with his new wife, Carole Bayer Sager.'
  25. 'Generally over the last eight years we had gotten along all right apart from his odd comments and the occasions when the old Adam resurfaced for a moment.'
  26. 'Maybe it was Corrina, Corrina, but this powerful, commanding actor appears to have been in remission for 10 years before resurfacing with a vengeance in this uncompromising police drama.'
  27. 'The crooks face a few setbacks but they soon resurface when the heat dies down.'
  28. 'It seems she has resurfaced just in time to disrupt an illegal mission.'
  29. 'Unlike Howie, Madeline had resurfaced a handful of times, demanding money in far-flung locales, and twice Beth and Hammer had flown wherever it was and tried in vain to intercept her.'
  30. 'She occasionally resurfaces to publish these short stories and to feed.'
  31. 'He resurfaced briefly in 1992, to play a rematch with Spassky for $5 million.'

More definitions

1. to give a new surface to. verb (used without object), resurfaced, resurfacing.

2. to come to the surface again.

More examples(as adjective)

"talks can be resurface in territories."

"talks can be resurface in dates."

"talks can be resurface."