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Begin again or continue after a pause or interruption.
  1. no object 'the talks resumed in April'
  2. 'I shook my head, beginning to resume the experiment.'
  3. 'All the Guide groups have now resumed full activities with their regular meetings at the Butler Community Centre.'
  4. 'As the conversation had a pause Katt tried to speak, but Eden and Jared quickly resumed speaking as if taunting her.'
  5. 'After suffering from ill health, he resumed his career as a barrister in 1919.'
  6. 'Normal service was resumed at around 5pm yesterday afternoon.'
  7. 'He glared incredulously while I resumed what I had been doing: drinking coffee.'
  8. 'The team would train for three weeks, have a few days off, and then resume training.'
  9. 'York District Hospital today resumed non-urgent operations after a significant fall in the number of emergency admissions.'
  10. 'They resumed bickering over the seat until Julia settled it for them by sitting on the freshly dented seat.'
  11. 'I then continued to resume the folding of various frocks and dresses that were mainly sewn by myself.'
  12. '"Before I proceed," he resumed, "I must recall to your minds Newton’s general law, that the attraction of two bodies is directly proportional to the product of their masses, and inversely proportional to the square of their distances."'
  13. 'the judge resumed his seat'
  14. 'She rose, equally graceful, and bowed before resuming her seat, legs tucked beneath her.'
  15. 'She sat in the seat next to him, disappointed there weren't any pairs of empty seats left so she could resume her position next to Steven.'
  16. '‘You have done well, my men,’ he said before resuming his seat.'
  17. 'He shook his head and took the seat across from her, leaning back and resuming his usual cocky expression.'
  18. 'He quickly resumed his seat, waiting just long enough to see her ensconced in the matching armchair beside his.'
  19. 'Vixen returned to Rhym and resumed her identity as Almira de Kinsei.'
  20. 'As he finished his tirade, Riann Sheperd resumed his seat and Mayor Fernan once again had the floor.'
  21. '‘Right,’ CJ resumes his place in the driver's seat and hits the mute button again allowing the suppressed John Mayer to refill the car.'
  22. 'She walked back to her desk and dropped into her seat, resuming her head-in-hands position.'
  23. 'He got up and made sure the office door was closed, before resuming his seat behind the desk.'


A summary.
  1. 'The picture which emerges from the foregoing résumé of the literature may appear partly contradictory.'
  2. 'Addison's poem on his picture of George I looks back at his portraits of earlier rulers, and is a witty résumé of the entire era recorded by the artist.'
  3. 'Exemplary résumés breathe with ample white space to make key information easy to absorb.'
  4. 'In 1852 the exiled art historian Gottfried Kinkel lectured to the Manchester Athenaeum in German, and the local press carried full résumés.'
  5. 'Companies often just throw very important confidential papers - employee lists with home addresses, financial résumés and the like - into the trash.'
  1. 'The company, which receives about 1,000 résumés a day, has hired hundreds of engineers and scores of top-ranked PhDs in recent years.'
  2. 'A few aging stars - Myrna Loy, Paulette Goddard, Merle Oberon - had horror films in their résumés, but these exquisite products of the Hollywood star system knew how hard it was to look beautiful while screaming.'
  3. 'Many others, including several MBAs, sought advice on composing a résumé or wanted to have their résumés corrected.'
  4. 'As a starting point, here is an example of a résumé I was sent a couple of years ago in response to my search for a temporary assistant while visiting India.'
  5. 'She said that she could not do anything for a week because she was so upset, but thereafter she put together a résumé and started applying for jobs.'
  6. 'A glance at his résumé and the people he's connected with reads like a pop-culture survey of the late 20th century.'
  7. 'I seem to have become the official birthday cake baker on the 3rd floor of my apartment building - should this be added to my résumé you think?'
  8. 'Depending on how much structure a young adult needs, Mellan says, you could require your kid to send out a certain number of résumés a week or to look for temporary work after a specified time searching for permanent employment.'
  9. 'Over the next 12 months, I sent out 1,000 résumés, joined networking groups - and had two interviews.'
  10. 'Top universities, he adds, rarely show up on the résumés of congressmen, Nobel laureates, industry leaders, and even U.S. presidents.'

More definitions

1. to take up or go on with again after interruption; continue: to resume a journey.

2. to take or occupy again: to resume one's seat.

3. to take or assume use or practice of again: to resume her maiden name.

4. to take back: to resume the title to a property. verb (used without object), resumed, resuming.

5. to go on or continue after interruption: The dancing is about to resume.

6. to begin again.

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"tradings can be resume on dates."

"places can be resume with places."

"places can be resume in dates."

"people can be resume at colleges."

"harvests can be resume in dates."

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(resume)Early 19th century: French, literally ‘resumed’, past participle (used as a noun) of résumer.