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A thing that is caused or produced by something else; a consequence or outcome.
  1. 'different approaches have been tried with somewhat mixed results'
  2. 'What we therefore see in the final concert is the result of hours and hours of preparation.'
  3. 'There were dramatic increases in productivity as a result of this product.'
  4. 'Success was the direct result of collaboration between two hospitals to improve and standardize care.'
  5. 'Soft tissue injuries are usually the result of a motion type injury.'
  6. 'He is, even more importantly, and as a result of these successes, the creator and propagator of a style.'
  7. 'She also had a set of worn down glasses, its lenses cracked as a result of successive collisions with the ground.'
  8. 'The area of contaminated soils and water basins is constantly growing as a result of the production of energy resources.'
  9. 'And as a result of those endeavours the product then becomes a market success.'
  10. 'Utilities expanding into home services insurance provision have had success as a result of realizing this opportunity.'
  11. 'As a result of product life cycle coming into play, prices have decreased significantly in these technologies.'
  12. 'Paying interest as a result of failure to pay off credit card bills makes the price of the charged items a great deal more expensive.'
  13. 'determination and persistence guarantee results'
  14. 'Best results will be obtained by applying tank mixtures promptly.'
  15. 'Avoid professionals who guarantee results or claim they can get you larger refunds than other preparers.'
  16. 'It had been a month since we started the game and the results were only starting to trickle in.'
  17. 'Obviously past performance does not guarantee similar future results.'
  18. 'Part of the reason is because, as the mutual fund ads say, past performance is no guarantee of future results.'
  19. 'oil companies have reported better results'
  20. 'Analysts are not expecting any surprises in the hotel group's results following its pre-closed period trading statement in April.'
  21. 'Psion itself reported impressive results showing a 47 per cent increase in sales over the same period last year.'
  22. as modifier 'exam results'
  23. 'Until now the top state schools have performed as well, if not better, than the top private schools in academic, sporting and cultural results.'
  24. 'The machine gave some musical bleeps and displayed the result of the game in large, colourful letters.'
  25. 'In science, the number of students who scored below average results grew the most of any category.'
  26. 'The examination results had been released the day before.'
  27. 'Their exam results at the final test were the highest and they deserved one little prize.'
  28. 'The results of that examination will be known on Tuesday.'
  29. 'Finally the results of both games are added together and the final result will be recorded on paper.'
  30. 'A panel of choreographers, artistic directors, and former dancers tallies these results into a final score.'
  31. 'Here are the results of the example game between Aaron, Brad, Christine, Dave, Elena, and Frank.'
  32. 'Ladbrokes said it had benefited from a good run of results at events including the Cheltenham Festival, the Grand National and Euro 2004.'
An item of information obtained by experiment or some other scientific method; a quantity or formula obtained by calculation.
  1. 'Based on this information, the model could be adjusted and new, more accurate results obtained.'
  2. 'Arlyn dramatically handed over the results to Casey, who scanned it instantly, comparing it to her results from her own experiments and her text books.'
  3. 'I have never missed the opportunity of tracing one of these experiments to its results; and I assure you that I have never been able to discover a single case of success.'
  4. 'Unlike some other girls, Karen never rambles on and on about lab results for some complicated experiment she's conducting.'
  5. 'These results are repeatable, in that we ran them six times over two days, and obtained essentially identical results.'
  6. 'As computational power increases, fewer compromises are made, and more accurate results can be obtained.'
  7. 'The graph may seem odd at the moment, but looking at the results will show the information.'
  8. 'A possible reason for the failure of previous studies to consistently obtain similar results may well be due to sampling bias.'
  9. 'The equations were also estimated with ordinary least squares regression, and very similar results were obtained.'
  10. 'The results of the calculations are used by the computer to adjust the application rate of each chemical as the tractor moves along.'
  11. 'The results of these three experiments suggest that there are many ways to feed young growing horses.'


Occur or follow as the consequence of something.
  1. 'talk of a general election and the resulting political uncertainty'
  2. 'The nature reserve is covered with quarry pits, grooves, and mines resulting from Roman and later workings.'
  3. 'The new state was weighed down by the huge debts resulting from the wars of independence.'
  4. 'The interior of the Great Pyramid is complex, almost certainly resulting from a number of changes of plan.'
  5. 'The three-tier stadium design resulted from a specific requirement that spectators be closer to the field.'
  6. 'Swallow describes the music on this record as resulting from a compositional challenge he'd set himself.'
  7. 'Soil depletion has resulted, since the land is never left unplanted to regain its nutrients.'
  8. 'We often worry about the toxicity resulting from spraying crops but we rarely worry about those from not spraying them.'
  9. 'The best thing that ever happened to our company was the Internet and the globalization that resulted from it.'
  10. 'It is interesting to note that the 1970s corn blight resulted from an attempt to introduce an element of diversity to the corn plant.'
  11. 'Denmark's book resulted from a multidisciplinary exercise involving academics from different countries.'
  12. 'Less friction results in less effort involved in sliding the mouse across the surface.'
  13. 'Daria contracts a serious illness that results in her losing certain functions.'
  14. 'The country's heavy use of unwashed coal results in large emissions of sulphur dioxide and particulate matter.'
  15. 'The group continues to generate cash and a new warehouse will result in significant cost savings.'
  16. 'Even assembling a variety of ancient sources does not necessarily result in a truthful or complete picture.'

More definitions

1. to spring, arise, or proceed as a consequence of actions, circumstances, premises, etc.; be the outcome.

2. to terminate or end in a specified manner or thing. noun

3. something that happens as a consequence; outcome.

4. Mathematics. a quantity, expression, etc., obtained by calculation.

5. Often, results. a desirable or beneficial consequence, outcome, or effect: We had definite results within weeks. Idioms

6. get results, to obtain a notable or success

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"matches can be result in things."

"mergers can be result into banks."

"mergers can be result in integrations."

"experiences can be result in things."

"examples can be result with trades."

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Late Middle English (as a verb): from medieval Latin resultare ‘to result’, earlier in the sense ‘spring back’, from re- (expressing intensive force) + saltare (frequentative of salire ‘to jump’). The noun dates from the early 17th century.


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