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Imposing restrictions on someone's activities or freedom.
  1. 'Evidence of greater activity at a roadside cross may be a result of restrictive cemetery policy.'
  2. '‘Let's not tie science's hands through excessively restrictive regulations,’ he said.'
  3. 'Many of the funds limit investments to only a few choices, which can be restrictive as a hands-on approach to investment management.'
  4. 'For the food trade, this signalled a continuation of a restrictive system of permits, selected food rationing and coupon cutting.'
  5. 'This means that we have restrictive choice at the point of sale.'
  6. 'For architects and builders, the freedom from restrictive regulations has encouraged an experimental approach to design.'
  7. 'No other intrusive or restrictive regulation is needed.'
  8. 'The solution is to have a risk management system in place, where restrictive measures are put in place commensurate with risk level of a particular substance.'
  9. 'Personal freedom might not involve stepping out of a restrictive environment, but could lie in accepting where you naturally belong.'
  10. 'Little remains of restrictive Sunday laws; in state schools the norm is even-handedness between religions, and between religion and no religion.'
(of a relative clause or descriptive phrase) serving to specify the particular instance or instances being mentioned.
  1. 'The semantic distinction between restrictive and non-restrictive modification applies to adjectives that modify nouns as well as to relative clauses.'


1. tending or serving to restrict.

2. of the nature of a restriction.

3. expressing or implying restriction or limitation of application, as terms, expressions, etc.

4. Grammar. limiting the meaning of a modified element: a restrictive adjective. Compare descriptive (def 2b).

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be restrictive in boths."

"logisticses can be restrictive for places."

"policies can be restrictive to tunes."

"policies can be restrictive over months."

"policies can be restrictive in places."

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