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Limited in extent, number, scope, or action.
  1. 'An agreement was reached in 1960 allowing restricted public access, but the collection retained its almost legendary aura as a virtually inaccessible treasure trove.'
  2. 'As the game progresses, there is less risk in challenging the dealer because his choices become more restricted.'
  3. 'The summary statement offered here will not resolve problems that are endemic to the subject, but it should serve the more restricted purpose of guiding the reader through the present discussion.'
  4. 'Their restricted product line also gives them somewhat limited flexibility.'
  5. 'Our knowledge of institutional structures for the earlier period is much more limited because of the restricted numbers and the geographical distribution of the available documents.'
  6. 'Usually, taking part in a restricted access conversation increases the potential level of trust, especially if the identities of the participants are known.'
  7. 'Basic medical insurance packages tend to have restricted scope for making claims and in some cases it is only possible to make a claim where a surgical procedure has been carried out.'
  8. 'Contemporary Prairie du Chien sites without wild rice indicate the spatially restricted nature of rice exploitation.'
  9. 'Both trials show a trend for a lesser level of performance for cows with restricted time of access to hay.'
  10. 'Situated near the valley bottom, this site has very restricted views.'
  11. 'They simulated the impact of restricted credit information on the performance of scoring models and on the cost and availability of consumer credit.'
  12. 'Dr. Steelwell was caught with restricted info on aliens in his possession and kicked out of Area 51.'
  13. 'the mechanism of restricted virus replication'
  14. 'Restricted virus production in latently infected glial cells is host-cell determined and associated with a block in Rev-dependent regulation.'
  15. 'If 50% of the cells which permit injection of restricted DNA are infected with at least two phage genomes and genomes are subsequently segregated by cell division, then the number of potential yielder cells should significantly increase during the course of the experiment.'
  16. 'The method involved a stepwise linkage of doubly-restricted DNA fragments and re-digestion of the resultant concatamers.'


1. confined; limited.

2. bearing the classification restricted, usually the lowest level of classified information. limited to persons authorized to use information, documents, etc., so classified.Compare classification (def 5).

3. limited to or admitting only members of a particular group or class: a restricted neighborhood; a restricted hotel.

More examples(as adjective)

"scopes can be restricted in/at/on days."

"domains can be restricted to stripes."

"demands can be restricted to places."

"cuckoos can be restricted as to things."

"activities can be restricted in trades."

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