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Characterized by reserve or moderation; unemotional or dispassionate.
  1. 'His mother's restrained manner, in addition to decreased work hours, wear out and depress Paul so much that he suffers greatly.'
  2. 'Her latest work, Geometry of Quiet, which received its North American premiere, shows Brown in a mood of restrained, judiciously measured eloquence.'
  3. 'His conception of a restrained aristocratic manliness is as applicable to the potentially hubristic - or tyrannical - prince as it is to the courtier.'
  4. 'In Delicious Chemistry the elements of restrained instrumentation, intelligent arrangement and superbly controlled vocals come together into a powerful compound.'
  5. 'Field's film has two spectacular performances, by Sissy Spacek and Tom Wilkinson, though the overall tone is rather restrained and poetic.'
  6. 'Vickers understood the nature of evil and the essence of Britten's ambivalence; his robust tenor voice was more convincing than the restrained tones of the reedy Pears.'
  7. 'Now, in the restrained language of the central bank, a substantial further fall in the inflation rate would be ‘unwelcome.’'
  8. 'In its place is a relentlessly restrained duet on which Tricky shadows the breathy lead vocal by new collaborator Constanza Francavilla in a voice that barely rises above a whisper.'
  9. 'Bambooque developed his own moderate and restrained form.'
  10. 'The count displays the inner calm, the ideal of restrained, and learned manners required of a gentleman.'
  11. 'the drawings, with their restrained colours, give a feeling of peace and contemplation'
  12. 'Throughout Misery is a Butterfly, all recording tracks share this remarkably restrained touch.'
  13. 'Back in Florence by 1564, he was soon involved in Vasari's projects, though painting in a more restrained and monumental style than Vasari's extreme Mannerism.'
  14. 'The architects have woven a rich tapestry of restrained luxury into the constrained fabric of an early nineteenth century neoclassical seminary of high heritage significance.'
  15. 'The vivacity of former years gave way to a more restrained and meditative art.'
  16. 'Their restrained, sober forms and motifs characterise what is now known as the ‘Queen Anne’ style.'
  17. 'The same sale yielded another star lot evocative of time and place: a pair of rosewood bedside steps-cabinets with restrained gilt decoration and marble tops.'
  18. 'The restrained colors and the lack of multicolored pictures create the image of a solid, reliable product - and the new mainboard from ASUS is exactly like that.'
  19. 'The restrained colour palette of whites teamed with off-white limestone-effect floors and a range of pale fittings enhances the already powerful sense of natural light.'
  20. 'He takes the key from Jewel, grabs the two restrained guards and tosses them bodily into her cell and locks them in before joining the rest of the group.'
  21. 'The majority of the songs ebb and flow with a sort of restrained, morbidly surreal sadness, captured more in snatches of imagery and wordless cries than in any concrete narrative.'
  22. 'His voice hardened with barely restrained control.'
  23. 'Tessa just stared for a second, her eyes red, glistening with restrained tears.'
  24. 'And, although some of the minor roles are under-developed, the show possesses a restrained power, which can only get stronger when the technical problems are sorted.'
  25. 'She brings Griet to textured life with the subtlety of her posture, the restrained musculature of her face, and the subdued excitement that propels her movements.'
  26. 'Restrained eating - applying excessive control - also leads to overeating.'
  27. 'So in return for having a restrained control over evil and its actions, the people made this being their ruler.'
  28. 'The team placed food randomly around the restrained monkey, and it ‘thought’ the required sequences to get the arm to pick up the food, through trial and error.'
  29. 'Finally, restrained eating is hypothesized to be associated with negative affect.'
  30. 'Even for adults, side impacts cause the most fatalities to properly restrained passengers.'


1. characterized by restraint: The actor gave a restrained performance.

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"consumptions can be restrained by fears."

"states can be restrained out of respects."

"states can be restrained in criticisms."

"places can be restrained in actions."

"people can be restrained on places."

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