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Replenish (a store) with fresh stock or supplies.
  1. 'In contrast, consuming sugar after a workout is vital for restocking muscle-glycogen stores.'
  2. 'But the GDP data plus monthly numbers suggest that companies are still having a hard time restocking their shelves.'
  3. 'Production, sales, and payrolls will also get a lift from businesses' efforts to restock their current inadequate levels of inventories.'
  4. 'If they do not reproduce, channel catfish must be restocked periodically to replace those harvested.'
  5. 'After they're waylaid by a violent storm, the men are forced to go into a town to restock their supplies.'
  6. 'I restocked his food supply with rice cakes, salad, and cans of fresh air.'
  7. '‘They have to restock the display two or three times during a two-hour promotion,’ she said.'
  8. 'However, the agriculture industry is expected to contract due to the failing meat price and farmers are expected to restock rather than sell their animals.'
  9. 'I tell her she needs to restock the fridge, so she says she'll go grocery shopping tomorrow after school.'
  10. 'In the 1980s, the government provided aid to farmers, and by the middle of the decade nearly a hundred ranches had been restocked with cattle.'

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1. to stock again; replenish.

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"reductions can be restocking."