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A person who owns and manages a restaurant.
  1. 'The restaurateur said he was impressed by the children's knowledge of food and of fish, which he admitted, rather surprised him.'
  2. 'Local restaurateurs listen to the latest regulations and procedures designed to ensure food and safety standards are kept up to world standards.'
  3. 'Most British food critics make little effort to go undercover at restaurants and many openly mix with chefs and restaurateurs.'
  4. 'Of course, restaurateurs aren't trying to undermine children's health.'
  5. 'He believes that this is a city-wide problem and there are other landlords and restaurateurs in the same situation.'
  6. 'As a result of the events, a number of students have been offered additional experience in the form of placements with the visiting restaurateurs during their holidays.'
  7. 'Using hand dyed and painted fabrics, she created colourful menu covers which soon caught the eye of other restaurateurs and wine merchants.'
  8. 'Many restaurateurs and hoteliers, most airlines, and even some wine retailers employ consultants in their wine selection.'
  9. 'Further, those engaged in the hotel and restaurant business must take out civil liability insurance for hoteliers and restaurateurs.'
  10. 'As restaurateurs become more proficient and experienced, cash generation becomes more and more consistent.'

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1. the owner or manager of a restaurant.

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"sales can be restaurateurs."


(restaurateur)Late 18th century: French, from the verb restaurer (see restaurant).