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A place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises.
  1. 'Along the way are bars and restaurants ideal for a sunset drink in the soft sea breeze.'
  2. 'A customer of a restaurant is deeply affected by the manner in which staff serve them.'
  3. 'It will be an unique urban quarter with cafes, restaurants and places in which to relax.'
  4. 'It's one of my favourite restaurants, partly for the food but mainly for the atmosphere.'
  5. 'Why not pause to eat at a decent restaurant and have a recommended local wine with your meal?'
  6. 'A large number of pubs serving food and restaurants now offer no smoking areas or no smoking at all.'
  7. 'When Lou's father was young, he started a restaurant in the city.'
  8. 'The few local shops and restaurants catering to summer visitors are closed for the season.'
  9. 'He was going to meet her at the most expensive restaurant in town!'
  10. 'She'd taken him out for dinner at one of the more expensive restaurants in town.'

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1. an establishment where meals are served to customers.

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"hands can be restaurant."

"openings can be restaurant."

"licences can be restaurant."


Early 19th century: from French, from restaurer ‘provide food for’ (literally ‘restore to a former state’).