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Cease work or movement in order to relax, sleep, or recover strength.
  1. 'I'm going to rest up before travelling to England'
  2. 'This was the day when it all caught up on me and I needed to rest up a little.'
  3. 'I am going to rest up today in preparation for the upcoming working week, and catch up on reading your blogs.'
  4. 'After we finished off the pot of tea, she told us we should probably rest up from our journey.'
  5. 'I felt a little weary when I'd eaten, and had a short afternoon nap to rest up.'
  6. 'Pain may be experienced not only during movement but also while resting.'
  7. 'I awoke the next night, feeling relaxed and rested, after a calm night, and a dreamless sleep.'
  8. 'I was feeling heavy and tired and would have had to rest up anyway.'
  9. 'Despite the scare, she's determined to rest up and get herself out to the village to visit our athletes.'
  10. 'It afforded the inhabitants peace of mind while they slept or rested.'
  11. 'When resting or sleeping, sea otters float on their backs and wrap themselves in kelp to keep from drifting.'
  12. 'Treatments commonly involve changing footwear, resting your feet, and using arch supports or pads to help take pressure off the area.'
  13. 'We walked for a few minutes while he rested his legs and gave his arches a little break.'
  14. 'She claimed to be resting her mind and collecting material firsthand for a piece she intended to write about domestics.'
  15. 'He then went home, had dinner and rested his legs after an exhausting walk to church.'
  16. 'the king's body rested in his tomb'
  17. 'As his body was laid to rest, six Royal Marines fired a volley of three shots followed by a rendering of the Last Post by a bugler.'
  18. 'The saint rests in his tomb and also in immediately accessible reliquaries to the left of the royal doors of the icon screen.'
  19. 'Her execution was swift and her body was laid to rest in the Chapel of St Vincula at the Tower of London.'
  20. 'He rests in the graveyard of Wesley’s Chapel on City Road in London, which he had formally opened in 1778.'
  21. 'The body rests among greenery, a symbol of life and rejuvenation.'
  22. 'Tutankhamun's mummy rested in his tomb for more than 3,000 years until, early in November 1922, its peace was shattered when the tomb was opened by the British archaeologist Howard Carter.'
  23. 'Her body now rests in the graveyard.'
  24. 'she was an actress but doing domestic work while she was resting'
  25. 'Coincidentally, I'm also an actor, resting between jobs.'
  26. 'The idea of the 'resting' actor does not seem to apply to Juliet, who even managed to fit in some part-time study a couple of years back, gaining a B.A. degree.'
  27. 'both men were rested for the cup final'
  28. 'It makes good sense to rest key players for the two tough games ahead - the semis and the finals.'
  29. 'I'm not sure if they will put out their strongest team or rest a couple with a view to the play-offs.'
  30. 'I suggested that resting him would benefit the team.'
  31. 'If a player is to be rested it must be for the good of the team not on the say-so of the national coach.'
  32. 'Their only series against a contender will be the Cardinals, who are routinely resting some of their starters in these final games.'
  33. 'The rules are so relaxed now that you can rest a player who is off-colour.'
  34. 'We rested some key players and we're the one team that can afford to do that, but I don't like the system.'
  35. 'He took the decision to rest players that he felt needed resting.'
  36. 'Those same players will be rested and more experienced next year, which should make the Browns a much better team in the second half of next season.'
  37. 'And he was the first coach to make sure his best players were rested for the final minutes of a game.'
  38. 'After all, surely this organisation could put the matter to rest once and for all.'
  39. 'I think that the matter might have rested there if it were not for the fact that many schools, and their teachers and students, felt cheated.'
  40. 'So far as the Newsletter is concerned, I think it is probably best to let the matter rest for the time being.'
  41. 'It immediately dissolved itself and it was expected that the matter would rest there.'
  42. 'She promised to ring back, I left my number once more, and there the matter rested.'
  43. 'The Minister has undertaken to look into the matter; I think the matter must rest there.'
  44. 'If any one out there can lay this matter to rest we would ask them to please do so.'
  45. 'If the matter rested there, I would have no difficulty in accepting this.'
  46. 'In the Jubilee Year, too, the land was rested and no work done on it.'
  47. 'There were three solutions to this problem: fertilizing, rotating crops, and resting the land.'
  48. 'The land was rested, abundant, and fertile; occupied by a people of calm dignity.'
Be placed or supported so as to stay in a specified position.
  1. 'He stared blindly out the window, his chin resting in the palm of his right hand, arm propped on his desk.'
  2. 'Start from an almost flat position with hands resting behind head and elbows out to the sides.'
  3. 'She walks forward, her staff resting in the crook of her arm.'
  4. 'He was leaning over in the chair, elbows resting casually on his knees.'
  5. 'He has his elbow resting up on the arm part of the couch and his hand is holding his head up.'
  6. 'He took a defensive position, one hand resting by my thigh and the other on his hip as he stared straight back at me.'
  7. 'Her head rested lightly on his chest like a child to a father.'
  8. 'I know this because my chin now rested on her shoulder, my arms draped loosely around her waist.'
  9. 'John had his knees drawn up halfway to his chest and his arms were resting on the top of them.'
  10. 'Her hand was comfortably resting on his shoulder.'
  11. 'I then lay my arms out on the table, next to her elbows and rested my cheek against hers.'
  12. 'He moved into my embrace then, seeming to be still mostly asleep, and then settled himself, resting his back against me.'
  13. 'Wendy huffed a couple of times, and then turned around and put one elbow on the table, resting the side of her head on that fist.'
  14. 'He adjusted his position to rest his arm against the chair beside him and motioned toward her.'
  15. 'She leaned on the table with her elbows on either side of the book, resting her head against her hands.'
  16. 'Isabelle could feel herself physically weakening and she rested her hand against the wall for support.'
  17. 'He turned slightly to face her, resting his arm and elbow upon the back of the bench.'
  18. 'I swayed a little before resting my hand against the hall wall to help support me.'
  19. 'Danielle sits on the buttercream-soft leather sofa, resting her arms casually atop the cushions on either side of her and crossing her legs.'
  20. 'This seemed to satisfy them and they sipped, lowering their cups only slightly and resting their arms casually on the low table.'
  21. 'his eyes rested briefly on the boy'
  22. 'He scanned the bushes and his eyes rested upon a wisp of red at the base of a bush.'
  23. 'Emmanuel looked around the room and caught sight of the pistols; his eyes rested on the weapons, and he pointed to them.'
Be based on; depend on.
  1. 'Our current knowledge base rests on small studies and special surveillance systems, with a few examples of survey data.'
  2. 'Thus the moral/legal element in scripture (the halacha) rests upon a narrative base (the agada).'
  3. 'His idea of attrition was based on material deprivation; today's rests on abundance.'
  4. 'Classification seems to me to rest upon too narrow a foundation when it is chiefly based on structure.'
  5. 'The revenue base for this system rests upon a simple proposition - that consumers have no close substitute for the use of the land - based, wireline, circuit - switched, telephone system.'
  6. 'His fame rests on his Annals and his Histories which related events from the death of Augustus to the Flavian period.'
  7. 'In other words, Churchill recognized that power rests upon dependence.'
  8. 'This enables a less dogmatic argument which rests upon the unresolved dialectical tension between an approach which is very speculative and theoretical, and another which is stylistically more factual.'
  9. 'The EU draft Constitution rests upon the premise that power is assumed and concentrated in the Government and thus, flows from the top down.'
  10. 'If it is to allow diverse citizens to hammer out a common way of life, this state cannot rest upon traditional bases of loyalty such as kinship or creed.'
  11. 'she rested her hopes in her attorney'
  12. 'However, the company rests this view on the fact that so many more people get their news from the local newspaper, the local news show, and, to a lesser extent, other outlets.'
  13. 'But that which she had rested her hopes on was not enough.'
  14. 'the final say rests with the regional assemblies'
  15. 'Ultimate responsibility rests with the board, which was doubled from six members to 12.'
  16. 'The responsibility to take immediate action to improve farm incomes rests with the incoming government.'
  17. 'If there is a crime, the moral responsibility rests with the leadership, but a member of the leadership cannot be held personally responsible.'
  18. 'Of course, ultimate responsibility for the matter rests with the mayor, they said.'
  19. 'As I said in my recent letter to members, the responsibility for change rests with all of us.'
  20. 'The responsibility for my own happiness rests with me alone.'
  21. 'Some of the responsibility rests with the players.'
  22. 'The legal responsibility for the charges announced this week may stop with the commanding officer named in the indictment, but the moral responsibility rests with those who chose to go to war.'
  23. 'The ultimate responsibility rests with those who refuse to change racist structures and policies.'
  24. 'But primary responsibility rests with the leadership.'
Conclude presentation of either party's case in a suit or prosecution.
  1. 'The District Attorney said last week that the prosecution would rest today.'
  2. 'Prosecution rested, you rested and the jury went out and came back.'


An instance or period of resting.
  1. mass noun 'a couple of days of complete rest'
  2. 'We cannot afford the luxury of cooling off periods, rests or breaks.'
  3. 'Perform this workout no more than twice a week with at least a day's rest between each workout.'
  4. 'Part of me is completely unaware of this forthcoming period of rest.'
  5. 'I had to take several rests in order to get through the food.'
  6. 'What I need is a period of rest, and, thankfully, I have an exciting yet restful and relaxing weekend lined up.'
  7. 'There is a possibility that you might have jaundice in later life but after a complete rest you can keep playing tennis.'
  8. 'They walked slowly, stopping periodically for rests, and stopping once for a light lunch.'
  9. 'Mother and son were given the all-clear and enjoyed a well deserved rest in the comfort of their own home.'
  10. 'Periods of rest are provided by the arrival of the squads of guisers, each in turn performing a sketch.'
  11. '"The first thing on my mind is getting a well-earned rest after 77 hours on air.'
  12. 'An arrow, starting from rest, leaves the bow with a speed of 29.0 m/s.'
  13. 'Each atom has an unchanging shape and size and a changeable degree of motion or rest.'
  14. 'The rate at which the motor can be started from rest without losing steps is known as the 'starting' or 'pull-in' rate.'
An interval of silence of a specified duration.
  1. 'It is in a comfortable key with limited chromaticism, employs only basic syncopation and has frequent rests.'
  2. 'The metronome serves as an invaluable tool for making sure the inner pulse is steady, especially after syncopations and unexpected rests.'
  3. 'The clefs, rests, and expression marks such as slurs and phrasing, even the thickness of the staves, make up a complex pictorial and typographical unity.'
  4. 'Long drawn lines interspersed amid the text act as scripted silences, musical rests.'
  5. 'The verse is clearly to be read aloud as three beats followed by a rest, followed by three more beats, followed by a rest — and therefore as two tetrameters in a row, each of which has its fourth beat silent.'
  6. 'The measure of five syllables is almost always inconvenient in utterance and should be broken up, by a rest, into two portions.'
An object that is used to support something.
  1. 'carefully the receiver was replaced on the rest'
  2. 'There is a small hanging device in the receiver rest to prevent the receiver from falling when it is placed on the rest with the telephone mounted on the wall.'
  3. 'Traditionally when a player uses the rest, the player's hands are quite close together.'

More definitions

1. the refreshing quiet or repose of sleep: a good night's rest.

2. refreshing ease or inactivity after exertion or labor: to allow an hour for rest.

3. relief or freedom, especially from anything that wearies, troubles, or disturbs.

4. a period or interval of inactivity, repose, solitude, or tranquillity: to go away for a rest.

5. mental or spiritual calm; tranquillity.

6. the repose of death: eternal rest.

7. cessation or absence of motion: to bring a machine to rest.

More examples(as adjective)

"workers can be rest over figures."

"workers can be rest on successes."

"walls can be rest on foundations."

"sentences can be rest for moments."

"recognitions can be rest with treaties."

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(rest)Old English ræst, rest (noun), ræstan, restan (verb), of Germanic origin, from a root meaning ‘league’ or ‘mile’ (referring to a distance after which one rests).


at rest
come to rest
give it a rest
lay someone to rest
lay (or put) something to rest
rest one's case
rest (or God rest) his (or her) soul