Adjective "responsiveness" definition and examples

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The quality of reacting quickly and positively.
  1. 'the responsiveness of the vehicle'
  2. 'Respect, responsiveness, results—people here actually believe that stuff.'
  3. 'In the architecture of developing countries, structures grow with an organic responsiveness of form to function.'
  4. 'She links knowing through hearing to the notion of responsiveness, in that hearing is more personal than seeing.'
  5. 'Adjustments can be made in real time, giving the responsiveness of an analog unit.'
  6. 'His responsiveness to nature recalls one of Atwood's beliefs about qualities extant in much Canadian literature.'

More definitions

1. the quality or state of being responsive.

2. Machinery. the ability of a machine or system to adjust quickly to suddenly altered external conditions, as of speed, load, or temperature, and to resume stable operation without undue delay.

More examples(as adjective)

"values can be responsiveness."