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A verbal or written answer.
  1. mass noun 'we received 400 applications in response to one job ad'
  2. 'Our advice worked and she received an immediate, positive response.'
  3. 'With few exceptions, the governor's responses, written or otherwise, are not preserved.'
  4. 'The hearing was told his four written responses contained ‘political content’ and were a misuse of council letterheads.'
  5. 'The verbal responses to the film are constructed using data from the ‘real life’ of viewers rather than the fictive world defined by the film and filmmaker.'
  6. 'The practitioner then explains what to expect during the session, as certain words would be spoken and verbal responses expected from the client.'
  7. 'Each article I write gets responses or ‘hits’, in the form of letters and emails, and I apologise to those that I don't reply to - I have to ration my time.'
  8. 'He wrote back immediately saying that he ought to write a real response but didn't have time at the moment.'
  9. 'A total of 502 people attended the public consultation process and the council had received 152 written responses.'
  10. 'A further 1,500 written responses, many hostile, came from individuals and organisations.'
  11. 'They received just 14 written responses and another 15 after the public meeting.'
  12. 'Responses were marked and the percentage of correct responses for each question calculated.'
  13. 'All ideas will be carefully recorded and analysed and, together with the responses from the questionnaire, will be fed into the process of designing the plan.'
  14. 'When the researcher read them the aforementioned questionnaire items and their responses, they acknowledged having made a mistake.'
  15. 'She knew every answer for each question and even wrote extra in her responses.'
  16. 'The study was based on responses to two related questionnaires sent to chief academic officers and general education administrators.'
  17. 'Much will depend on responses to a questionnaire drawn up by Jenna which is due to be sent out to schools and special units asking disabled teenagers exactly what they would like to see.'
  18. 'The authors marked the responses and calculated the percentage of correct responses for each question.'
  19. 'The survey, which drew upon responses to 9,000 questionnaires, confirms that far from declining, the practice has actually grown over the last decade.'
  20. 'Based on his responses, the test said David had a tendency to want to work to personal timetables and particular standards of performance.'
  21. 'The process has just begun and already a number of issues have arisen from the consultation at the public meeting and the initial review of the questionnaire responses.'
  22. 'Unison congregational responses alternate with vernacular stanzas sung by a cantor.'
  23. 'So out went audible responses, the minister's surplice and the litany.'
  24. 'The ceremony is begun by the priest, assisted by a cantor or church choir that sings the responses.'
A reaction to something.
  1. mass noun 'an Honours degree course in Japanese has been established in response to an increasing demand'
  2. 'In response to that, writers groups warned against signing any such form.'
  3. '"I was overwhelmed by the response from people all over the country.'
  4. 'In response to this a new service is being launched by Chambers all over the country called Chamber HR.'
  5. 'In response to reader demand, we've also added a comments section.'
  6. 'He was happy that his marathon performance had evoked a very positive response from the audience.'
  7. 'In response to a growing need, Women's Aid is expanding and developing its services.'
  8. 'In response to my challenge yesterday to make a playlist of happy songs, Keith wins hands down.'
  9. 'In response to this lack of leadership, I have decided it is time to campaign for my own legislation.'
  10. 'In response to my request for more information about Schumann resonances Neil explained them as follows.'
  11. 'In response to complaints, the governor extended polling by two hours but that led to yet more abuses.'
  12. 'there is considerable species variation in the stomach's response to alcohol'
  13. 'The response to the stimulus on the right and left sides should be compared.'
  14. 'Stress is not a single conditioning but a response to physical and psychological stimuli.'
  15. 'the throttle response from the 1870 cc engine is almost petrol sharp'
  16. 'The sound quality and the bass response are good, even when compared with normal speakers.'
  17. 'When impossible to differentiate electrical responses from background noise, amplitude values were set at 2 V.'
  18. 'Bidding the negative 2 Diamonds response enables your partner to go some way towards knowing if there are thirty-two points in your combined hands.'
  19. 'A three-level reverse is made when partner's response forces you to the 3-level to show your second suit.'

More definitions

1. an answer or reply, as in words or in some action.

2. Biology. any behavior of a living organism that results from an external or internal stimulus.

3. Ecclesiastical. a verse, sentence, phrase, or word said or sung by the choir or congregation in reply to the officiant.Compare versicle (def 2). responsory.

4. Bridge. a bid based on an evaluation of one's hand relative to the previous bid of one's partner.

More examples(as adjective)

"ups can be response."

"samplings can be response."

"handlings can be response."

"diaries can be response."


Middle English: from Old French respons or Latin responsum ‘something offered in return’, neuter past participle of respondere (see respond).