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Attractive and impressive through being richly colourful or sumptuous.
  1. 'By the end of the two days the tree will be resplendent with new creative growth in symbolic colours reflecting the four seasons of the year.'
  2. 'The pump looks resplendent in a new coat of red paint and overlooks a limestone trough filled with luscious red and purple flowers.'
  3. 'We have seen hordes of elderly foreign tourists in resplendent clothing taking pictures of scenic spots.'
  4. 'The sunset was breathtaking, even more resplendent than we had imagined it would be.'
  5. 'It was August and the mountain sides were resplendent in Fall colours.'
  6. 'Five years ago, all this was scarcely noticeable beneath the grime and decay; today it is resplendent.'
  7. 'Apart from that, she was a picture of dignity and grace, with the kind of beauty that grew resplendent with age.'
  8. 'Even before the game they encountered problems when they emerged, resplendent in their new jerseys.'
  9. 'In the right sunlight it looks resplendent, its golden walls reflected in the harbour in the foreground'
  10. 'Helen and Philip were blessed with a beautiful day, with the church looking resplendent.'


1. shining brilliantly; gleaming; splendid: troops resplendent in white uniforms; resplendent virtues.

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"skies can be resplendent in stars."

"fantasies can be resplendent in chunks."

"robes can be resplendent."

"vestments can be resplendent."

"hats can be resplendent."

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Late Middle English: from Latin resplendent- ‘shining out’, from the verb resplendere, from re- (expressing intensive force) + splendere ‘to glitter’.